Coveside Bed & Breakfast – Georgetown Inn Teams with White Stone


The Challenge:

Tom and Carolyn Church, owners of a 7 room, seasonal inn located in mid-coast Maine, contacted us about a new bed and breakfast website design. Their current website had been in existence for nearly 10 years and they felt they really needed an upgrade. Even with a smaller property and only seasonal availability, Tom and Carolyn were convinced they wanted the best and were willing to partner with us to make that happen. Many smaller, seasonal inns will simply opt for a lower budget solution. However, you get what you pay for and Tom and Carolyn knew that to make the inn as successful as it could be, they needed to hire the best bed and breakfast marketing firm in the business to drive demand and really showcase their property. Even though their occupancy levels were quite good for the months they were in business, they wanted to be able to boost the shoulder seasons significantly. As such, we scheduled a time to come out to their bed and breakfast in Maine, conduct an on-site interview, shoot a few extra photos (they had a good portfolio to begin with) and determine how to best position their inn for maximum ROI in the current marketplace with a top notch digital presence.

The Answer:

After spending a few lovely yet busy days at Coveside Bed and Breakfast, our design director, Liz Hamilton, came back refreshed and aware of what she needed to create in order to bolster the inn’s web presence. We put one of top designers on the project and he created the product we just launched a few days ago! Tom and Carolyn were patient, kind and encouraging throughout the whole process and we really could not have asked for better folks to partner with as we began the transformation of their entire online persona. They trusted the details to us knowing that we had their best interests at heart as well as the knowledge to drive up demand for their product. The former website was utilitarian at best and only captured the basic fundamentals. Yet, creating a revenue-driven site requires selling the experience. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Only 3 days after the launch, significant bookings began to roll in (very uncommon in January as they do not open until the beginning of the season). In fact, when I first saw the site, I said to myself, “I need to go there!” And, you know what? Looks like a lot of folks feel the same way!

Tom and Carolyn – Thank you for trusting us and for having faith in the process knowing that even though your inn is small and seasonal based, the investment would pay for itself in spades – rather quickly it appears!

Coveside Bed & Breakfast

Read Client Testimonial

Coveside Bed & Breakfast Testimonial

“Again, thanks so much for your good humor, great design sense, and patience with picky novices (a dangerous—but perhaps not unusual—combination in website clients!). We will be happy to serve as references if folks want to talk to us about our experience with Whitestone in web design. We might be of particular use in talking to folks with smaller, a bit less “luxury” properties. We’ll give you 11 out of 10! We’re delighted with the finished product, and hope you are as well. The site looks fabulous—everything we hoped for. We’ve already received four new reservations in the three days since the website went live. In light of the fact that we normally get no reservation action much before March, it’s pretty clear that this new site is doing great work!”

Tom and Carolyn Church, innkeepers, Coveside Bed & Breakfast- a Bed and Breakfast in Georgetown, Maine