Liz Hamilton


Design Director

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Remembering a time without cell phones, the internet or email Liz started out in the industry in 1997 with explaining to innkeepers what this thing called the Internet was. At she was the Director of Support and spent many hours on the road speaking and representing the company at various trade shows and conferences around the country.

In 2005, while consulting for Blizzard Internet Marketing, with her company Maia Consulting, a whole new world opened up with blogging and social media bringing excitement back to the web. A lover of all things WordPress she has been using the program since the 1.5 version – Billy Strayhorn launched in February 2005 and now combines her SEO knowledge with website build out and project management.

Her daily companion is a goofy Wemariner called Rosie who hangs out in the office with her on a regular basis. As a British Expat, her drink of choice is strong black tea with lots of milk but no sugar.