The Inn at Weston – a Weston, Vermont Bed and Breakfast Teams Up with White Stone


The Challenge:

When Bob and Linda Aldrich at the Inn at Weston came to us late last year, they were in a situation where they weren’t sure if they would be able to continue with the inn. As a referral from Bill Oates and Heide Bredfeldt, they came to us really as a last resort to see if we could help turn their business around. With the reality of the situation looming before us, we kicked it into gear! First, they hired Jumping Rocks to come take photos of the inn. Scott and I were able to join them on their second round of photos and do on-site consulting and photo styling on property. The rooms at the inn were all beautiful and the restaurant truly had some of the best food we have ever tasted. Truly, Bob and Linda had an amazing product that suffered from being under-marketed. In the past, their website had been handled by a loyal, repeat guest who did all the work in trade. While a nice gesture, not one that could turn around an inn and help it to become profitable.

The Answer:

As a result of the launch of the new bed and breakfast website design, Bob and Linda are having their best year on record! While we were there, we looked through the 5 years worth of reservation data and confirmed that they now have more reservations on the books than in any past year. We at White Stone Marketing could not have taken more pleasure or felt a better sense of worth than being able to help turn a business around and give back to these amazing innkeepers what they love to do! Their joy in the art of hospitality is evident to all who walk through the doors at the Inn at Weston. Now, so many more people will be able to enjoy their passion for serving others by continuing to come to the inn!

The Inn at Weston

Design Results

Comparing Jul 11, 2012 to Jan 29, 2014 vs. Jul 11, 2011 to Jan 29, 2013

  • Revenue Increase: 76.60%
  • Traffic Increase: 38.48%
  • Number of Transactions Increase: 75.32%
  • Google Organic Traffic Increase: 37.79%
  • Google Organic Revenue Increase: 85.33%

Read Client Testimonial

The Inn at Weston Testimonial

“We at the Inn at Weston have always felt that we had a great product for people, but by December of 2011 we found ourselves with a terrible occupancy rate and felt that something had to be done. White Stone Marketing was recommended to us, and after checking references, we called them. White Stone does not accept competitors in a given market, and that was very important to us. From our very first interaction with them, we knew that they were very special people. Everyone on their staff is beyond merely competent, and all are so cheerful and helpful. Our business has increased markedly under their guidance, and we consider them one of the best companies we have ever known. If you can get them do so as soon as possible before a competitor locks you out! Thank you White Stone”

– Bob and Linda Aldrich, Owners, The Inn at Weston- a Bed and Breakfast in Weston, Vermont