Video Production

We create visually compelling messages.

According to recent reports, nearly 30% of the traveling public checks You Tube before making a traveling decision! You can no longer afford NOT to have a video presence. At White Stone Marketing, we focus on live action video that tells the story of your inn, conveys the experience and delivers a true cinematic experience that is the next best thing to being there!

Did you also know that the video link on our White Stone Marketing client sites is one of the 3 MOST clicked on links on their home page? Your guest wants to see a live action video before arriving and a well-done commercial can deliver the experience that will convert them from a looker to a booker. Don’t overlook this powerful marketing piece, capable of selling them on your property in a way that neither photography or a web design can accomplish.

“You really did an amazing job. Very sophisticated pieces with great music, shooting and editing. You are to be congratulated and White Stone Marketing is to be praised. This video is the best I have seen in this category.”

Vern Oakley, Founder and CEO of Tribe Pictures