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The Problem

New owners, Eileen and Carl Robley, contacted White Stone Marketing after purchasing the 1802 House in Kennebunkport, Maine. Knowing they were out of their realm in this brand-new venture, they reached out to the top experts in this field to get them up and running both quickly and successfully. With little time to spare, our on-site consultant, Chris Kelly, set up his initial site visit to ensure Eileen and Carl had all the tools to navigate opening day at the inn. By being on site, particularly for new owners, we assist them with the set up and careful execution of all their marketing campaigns, new website, and transition of digital marketing efforts from the previous owners.

The Solution

As anticipated, we were able to launch the new 1802 House on time so as to ensure a smooth transition and a successful launch of the property. Excellent SEO and effective paid search is crucial in those first few weeks after a launch! And, less than two weeks into the official launch, revenue is already up over 10%! As I always say, a properly executed, professional design will pay for itself very quickly and will continue to function as one of the most important assets for an independent lodging property.

Design: Signature

Template Used: Park City

Modules purchased:

  • Mailchimp template

“Looks great, thank you.”

Eileen Robley, 1802 House

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