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Kelly Garbarino

Kelly is an expert in digital marketing, driving demand, and building successful, profitable businesses. Her work with hospitality and venue property owners is focused on helping them understand how to optimize their strategy and define their brand to accelerate revenue. Through her first-hand experience as an innkeeper and event coordinator she brings a holistic view on the industry.

2024 promises to be an exciting year for hospitality, with trends that cater perfectly to the strengths of boutique lodging properties and venues. Forget the one-size-fits-all approach – it’s time to embrace your intimate charm and hyper-local focus to capture the hearts (and wallets) of discerning travelers. So, dive into the top five trends we see shaping travel decisions and discover how your small haven can become a hotspot destination!

man and woman taking photo on zipline

1. Cater to the Micro-Crowd

The days of impersonal business conventions and cookie-cutter events are fading. Today’s professional and leisure travelers crave personal connections and bespoke experiences with small events continuing to rise in popularity. This is where your boutique charm can shine. Think beyond the boardroom and offer intimate team-building retreats in unique settings – think private gallery tours, local pairing dinners in your garden, or add a little adrenaline to the mix with active adventures like ziplining. Encourage your meeting attendees to linger beyond their business trip with special incentives and curated multi-day itineraries that unveil your area’s hidden gems. Remember, it’s all about exclusivity and authenticity.

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2. Wellness Beyond the Spa

Wellness is no longer just a spa day; it’s a holistic lifestyle. Small properties can create unique wellness experiences without massive investments. Partner with local yoga instructors for sunrise sessions on your patio, or create a guided forest bathing meditation for your walking trails. For a touch of indulgence, offer in-room aromatherapy diffusers with a signature scent. Have fun and get creative! Even simple touches like a healthy breakfast option with locally sourced ingredients can make a big impression.

group of people enjoying farm dinner in garden

3. Local is the New Luxury

The world is your oyster, but sometimes the best treasures are in your backyard. Travelers’ cravings for authentic, local experiences are stronger than ever, so this is a great year to double down on the unique character of your location by collaborating with local businesses. Partner with area artisans to curate a pop-up market at your property, or team up with a farm to offer an authentic farm-to-table dining experience featuring their produce. Don’t just tell guests about your community – immerse them in it!

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4. Redefine the Workspace

For many, remote work is here to stay, and they will be seeking lodging that offers both work and leisure amenities. Small properties can cater to this trend by positioning often empty breakfast rooms or common areas into multi-functional co-working spaces. Just make sure you have a strong WiFi signal and plenty of convenient plug-in locations.

woman hotel guest text check in on phone

5. Streamline Personalized Service

Convenience is paramount for modern travelers. Implement contactless check-in/out via texting or mobile apps, offer digital room service ordering, and take your guest book digital – if you have not already! These technologies not only enhance guest safety but also streamline operations and free up you and your staff to focus on personalized service, the hallmark of any boutique experience.

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Step into 2024 with Confidence

Ready to unleash the full potential of these trends for yourself? At White Stone Marketing, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing small lodging properties in today’s dynamic travel landscape. We specialize in crafting tailored hospitality marketing plans and website designs that help you stand out from the crowd, attract your ideal guests, and create unforgettable experiences.

So, step into 2024 with confidence and creativity. The future of hospitality belongs to those who dare to be different, so make sure your property is perfectly positioned to shine!