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In the early days of web design and online marketing, Scott and Allison Crumpton took a leap of faith and launched one of the first digital marketing companies exclusively dedicated to promoting independent hospitality properties. The year was 1994 and the world wide web was in its infancy, but Scott and Allison had the foresight to see where the industry was headed. For more than half-a-century, this dynamic duo has navigated and adapted to the constantly changing landscape of internet marketing. In 2002, the couple launched White Stone Marketing seeking out the best team to help build one of the leading digital marketing hospitality agencies. For the past 18 years, White Stone Marketing has dominated the luxury hospitality space by providing proactive digital marketing and award-winning web design for a portfolio of luxury inns, boutique hotels, and wedding and event venues.

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Scott and Allison Crumpton, Marketing Experts for Innkeepers and Event Coordinators

Scott Crumpton

Scott Crumpton

CEO & Fearless Leader

After graduating in Agricultural Business Marketing from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Scott’s career ambitions quickly pivoted after he and his wife Allison purchased the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Directory in 1994.  The paperbound directory was a cooperative marketing project that featured 300 bed and breakfast inns throughout the state of Oregon.  Shortly after assuming ownership of the publication, the internet took on a life of its own.  Scott’s lightbulb moment hit and he realized that the guidebook could easily transition into an online directory.  He  put the wheels into motion, saved a few forests, and retired the printed version by launching one of the first online bed and breakfast guides in 1995.  The rest as they say is history.

But the story doesn’t stop there.  As an online publisher, Scott segued his passion for travel and hospitality by creating a service to help luxury inns, boutique hotels and special event venues turn their passion into profits through digital marketing initiatives.  Scott has been an industry trailblazer having founded the first internet marketing agency solely dedicated to bed and breakfast inns and creating the original e-commerce tracking code – a tracking system for innkeepers and hoteliers that traced reservation dollars back to the original source.  His vision for excellence has produced some of the best design work in our niche industry.

Today Scott oversees the company’s growth and works directly with clients. Recently White Stone Marketing expanded its capabilities with the launch of its new wedding and special events marketing department.  Scott is often asked to speak at industry events and is considered an expert in his field

Allison Crumpton

Allison Crumpton

Founder & Digital Marketing Director

Armed with a degree in English and Communications, Allison, a Valedictorian, graduated from California State University, Bakersfield, and soon began teaching English and writing at a community college in southern Oregon.  Her career would take a dramatic turn after she and Scott purchased the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Directory in 1994. Suddenly the teacher added former to her title and assumed the role of guidebook publisher.

Within six months, she and Scott transitioned the publication from printed guidebook to an online directory after witnessing how the world wide web was changing how society operated.  Soon after, the twosome launched the first digital marketing agency for the bed and breakfast industry working with innkeepers across North America.

White Stone Marketing was founded in 2002 and was an extension of what the couple had already established – a marketing resource for independent hoteliers to boost their visibility and revenue through internet marketing, web design, reputation management and more.  It only seemed natural that wedding and special event venues would become another component of the business.

Allison’s creative energy coupled with her business sensibilities instills a confidence in her clients.  She leads the creative team at White Stone Marketing overseeing design and execution of marketing plans to deliver a product of excellence.

Scott and Allison have been married since 1992.

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