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Maria McElderry

Maria specializes in search engine marketing and enjoys analyzing data to create strategies that increase client revenue. She is passionate about helping others reach their goals.

When David Worthington, the owner of the 5-room Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast, signed on in August 2018 he took a leap of faith that this partnership would be successful. After more than five years as a White Stone Marketing client, he is here to share the journey that brought him here and his experience working with our team from creating a new website and building a brand, to understanding his area and finding success.

David has been aware of the team at White Stone Marketing since its owners, Allison & Scott Crumpton worked on the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Directory and subsequently started the first digital marketing agency for small lodging properties. In 2018, after 18 years of waiting, David finally signed on and went all in with new photography, a new logo, a new bed and breakfast website design, and full-service digital marketing.

“Why I wanted them was again because I watched them my whole life and everyone they worked with went to the top and I wanted to be a part of that.”

What specific aspects of our services do you find most valuable?

“There was no question that we needed somebody with technical experience that had the time and effort that I didn’t have and the desire that I clearly didn’t have to get us where we needed to be.”

What makes our communication and reporting stand out?

“There’s always during the month emails shot back and forth that keep me involved and keep me on top of what’s going on.”

Can you describe a moment when our team exceeded your expectations?

“Cause that’s really one of the main goals with White Stone was when we developed a website was to make it broad enough to where people realize that I’m not a one-night place. That there are many aspects of our area. That you can come stay a week with us. And that goal has been achieved as well.”

How has our marketing approach helped you achieve your business goals?

Your website is your most important digital aspect. David understood that investing in quality photography and a new B&B website design would be crucial to his success and five years later it’s still true.

In what ways do you feel our team understands your brand and market needs?

From logo and website design to seasonal packages, campaigns, directory listings, and more, your hotel branding strategy can set you apart from the competition and make all the difference.

How would you rate the creativity and innovation of the campaigns we’ve developed for you?

“You know me better than I do. You make me want to stay here for crying out loud and I already live here.”

What improvements or successes have you noticed since partnering with us?

“You are so much more than a marketing team to me because you taught me all the aspects and the practices that it takes to be successful in today’s market.”

How do our turnaround times and project management processes meet your expectations?

“In five years, every month working together on things, items, projects, you have never once not delivered what you said you were going to deliver when you said you were going to deliver it.”

What feedback have you received from your team or guests about the work we’ve done?

“The greatest thing from the guest standpoint is the website and the photographs.”

Would you recommend our services to others?

“It’s not only I would, I have, and I will in the future.”

Do you have any closing thoughts?

David’s faith in the success of this partnership led him to take out a loan to cover new photography, the new website, and the first year’s marketing investment. That three-year loan was paid off in two because of the success he saw and continues to see to this day.

Magnolia Springs Website Design

“I always wondered in the beginning why you didn’t have contracts that we had to sign and now I know why we don’t have contracts because we’d be fools to leave you. We can go month to month for years and years and I would never leave White Stone ever. You don’t need contracts because you do what you do which makes us be able to do what we do and we’d be crazy to leave so no I’d say the opposite of “stuck”. Might get stuck in contracts with other companies but not White Stone which is a huge plus to me. They deliver it’s that simple. You don’t have to worry about a contract and making us stay with you because you deliver the product. So there you go.”

Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast growth over 6 years of partnership with White Stone Marketing

We are very grateful to work with such wonderful business owners and unique properties. If you’re interested in learning more about how White Stone Marketing may help your B&B, venue, restaurant, or vacation rental fill out our simple form to request a free digital marketing consultation.