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Nathan Crumpton

Writing from his home base in Denver, Colorado, Nathan creates content that supports our clients in fully realizing the potential of their property. From SEO to Blogs, he has honed his love of the written word into a craft that highlights the strengths of the properties we market for. Representing the company with quality writing and helping keep our clients on the coveted first page of Google are some of the many ways he contributes his skills to the White Stone team.

About Blogger, Nathan Crumpton

Since this is the first entry in what will now become an ongoing series, I believe proper introductions are in order. My name is Nathan Crumpton and I am White Stone Marketing’s new official weekly blogger. I am looking forward to providing quality content for our new series of entries that will spotlight one inn a week. About me: I am currently a senior at CU Boulder in Colorado and plan to follow up my graduation with a Master’s Degree in an English focused study. Writing regularly even before high school, it took a single class (and having to write an entire book specifically for that class) to convince me that this particular talent was worth exploring and I am excited for the opportunity that now lies before me. I can’t wait to make this weekly blog a success and expand our readership while providing a spotlight for these fantastic Inns and Bed and Breakfasts.

Here at White Stone, we believe that all of our clients’ properties are unique and beautiful in their own way. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to start a weekly blog series highlighting and appreciating an “Inn of the Week.” Every week, a new blog will be posted focusing on a particular property.

Arrowhead Inn in Durham, NC

For the first blog of this page, the “Inn of the Week” is a Durham, NC Bed and Breakfast called the Arrowhead Inn and is an ideal location to stay in the “triangle area” of Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill.

Arrowhead Inn, Durham, NC

Have you ever wanted to just, get away? Life can be so stressful and hectic, it can be easy to forget what it even feels like to properly relax. So, what do you do? Book a hotel? I am sure that the majority of those reading, if not all, have been to a hotel at some point. The rooms… all look the same. Where’s that special feel, that warmness and welcoming? To the hotel, you are simply another guest. Your comfort and stay there are easily sacrificed for the bottom line. Now, if you need to really escape, find a nice secluded place and just forget the world exists for a bit. Find the Arrowhead Inn. There, every guest is important and your comfort and happiness are priority number one. But is it out of the way, you ask? Surely a destination such as this, cut off from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, must be far away, difficult to reach… right? But no, less than a half hour away from RDU Airport and central Durham, the life you left behind is just a quick drive out. It doesn’t matter if you come alone or with a companion, the Arrowhead Inn provides an ideal getaway and a wide assortment of rooms and options to choose from to make your stay extra special.

Durham, NC B&B

Built from the remnants of an old plantation, the property lends itself to an older feel, like a moment frozen in time as you walk the property. The Manor house provides beautiful rooms all in the manor style on the main property and are reminiscent of the distinct style of mid-19th century America. For those seeking, perhaps, a more private getaway, the Arrowhead Inn also offers a secluded and beautiful garden cottage and a homey rustic cabin.

Durham Inn - Breakfast

But what would this experience be without food at a Durham Bed and Breakfast? Traditional hotel breakfasts leave much to be desired. Why disappoint yourself with the same eggs and day old sausage? Why not wake up to a truly gourmet breakfast, a three-course hot breakfast prepared to perfection by owner and chef Phil using only the freshest ingredients including herbs from their garden and local fresh produce from farmer’s markets. Afternoon refreshments and optional dinners round out the culinary experience and provide guests with delicious dishes to please the palate. Getting married perhaps? The Arrowhead Inn also provides fantastic services and locations for you to tie the knot! The fact of the matter is, hotels just can’t compete. Why not stay where your every comfort can be met with the softest beds, the most delicious food, and the most gorgeous of backdrops. So my good reader, what are you waiting for? If you want to visit the Triangle, get away from it all and the bustling city, or just want to spend some time alone or with someone you love, then let the Arrowhead Inn at Durham be your next vacation destination.

Bon Voyage!

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