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As the first company to ever market bed and breakfasts online, we understand what this hospitality niche needs when it comes to booking more nights and maximizing your profits. Through expertly placed online ads, industry leading SEO, and a well-crafted online presence, our experts will make your bed and breakfast stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of new guests. Effectively marketing your bed and breakfast inn takes a blend of art and science – which we have been perfecting for over 25 years.

Exterior of Bliss Farm Inn at night with stars
Bed and Breakfast Websites

Showcase Your Unique Style
to Stand Out from the Crowd

A captivating website is crucial for showcasing your bed and breakfast and enticing potential guests. Just as you invest time and resources into maintaining your bed and breakfast, your online presence should tell your story and why you’re unique. To ensure long-term success, we advise B&B owners to create an independent website, which they own and don’t lease on a monthly basis, to ensure maximum control and flexibility. White Stone Marketing specializes in creating professional websites with all the modern must-haves that convey the unique style of your bed and breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast Web Design Examples

We can help bed and breakfast owners create a beautiful and functional website. View our hospitality web design portfolio for more inspiration.

Sea Rock Inn website

Sea Rock Inn
A Coastal Bed and Breakfast in Mendocino, CA.

Rose Hill Inn website

Rose Hill Inn
An elegant Victorian bed and breakfast in Versailles, KY.

Engadine Inn and Cabins aerial view
A Tip from Our Founder

Why Should You Own Your Website?

“In the past, we’ve witnessed bed and breakfast owners solely rely on a single platform, and unfortunately, when that platform went under, they were left in a crisis. They lost their website, marketing, and had to urgently alter their online business presence. This situation underscores the significance of not relying on a single platform and the importance of establishing a diversified online presence.”

– Allison Crumpton, White Stone Marketing Owner

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Marketing Services

Keep Your Marketing Fresh,
to Diminish Directory Fees

If you’re a bed and breakfast owner, it’s crucial to be self-sufficient and not rely on third-party directories to get bookings. While these platforms should be used for valuable exposure, relying on them can limit your control over the client experience and cut into your profits. Instead, sell your own story to drive direct bookings through search engine optimization, paid advertising, and strategic social media campaigns. By creating a comprehensive marketing solution with White Stone Marketing, you’ll be able to take control of your business and keep more revenue in your pocket.



exterior of a historic inn
Client Spotlight

White Doe Inn

White Doe Inn was experiencing saturation in a highly competitive vacation rental market in the Outer Banks. We crafted an aggressive marketing program and built a new website with updated branding to allow them to stand out from the crowd. Our marketing efforts focused on increasing organic traffic, online reservations, and revenue while reducing commissions from OTA’s. In just a few years, our marketing efforts have increased their total revenue by 37%, which has increased their property valuation by 60%, allowing them to ask for top dollar when they listed their property for sale.

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Now you can reap the rewards from our nearly 30 years of bed and breakfast web design and marketing experience! Partner with White Stone Marketing today to unlock the full potential of your independent B&B through our tailored marketing solutions. Reach out to our team to start your journey toward a more impactful and independent online presence and a brighter future for your business.

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The 5 Points of a Successful Marketing Strategy

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