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Taylor Trubia

Taylor is the Content Team Manager at White Stone Marketing and works with our creative team to craft stellar email blasts, blog posts, and social media ads for our wonderful clients.

Professional photography is imperative to the success of your website and digital marketing efforts. Without stunning photos to convey the look and feel of your beautiful property, guests won’t be as compelled to book. Over the last 25 years, we have learned what works and what elements are needed to make your property stand out among the competition. We have always worked with the best and brightest in our field – photographers like Jumping Rocks Photography.¬†and Christian Giannelli Photography. Next time you hire a professional team to photograph your property (which should be soon if your photos are more than five years old), keep these helpful tips in mind!


Stage Your Shots

Take some time to make sure each area that will be photographed is properly staged and looking its best. We highly recommend hiring a professional styling assistant, consultant, stager, or asking a friend with a great eye for style to help you out. Don’t be afraid to get creative and be bold when styling. Move furniture to better show the entire room, add fresh flowers or glasses of wine, and hide anything unsightly like cords, chargers, phonebooks, and coffeemakers. Open the blinds and curtains, turn on the lights, turn on fireplaces, and add water and bubbles to the tubs.


Plan for Your Home Page

For our signature and custom sites, six main photos are needed for your home page. Keep these in mind and make sure your photographers get stellar shots of your property from the outside, your best room, breakfast, a room amenity, and something unique to the area like mountains, the ocean, or main street. This will help sell the full experience of a getaway at your unique property.


Don’t Forget Your Area

Your Inn isn’t the only way to sell a stay. Highlight your local area too! Gather a variety of images from the local scene that can be used throughout your site like museums, gardens, shopping, antiquing, dining, outdoor recreation, and more. Getting some shots of some of the most popular or unique sites near your Inn is important too. Get great shots of the ocean, lake, mountains, hiking trails, or popular main streets near your property.


Note the Details

Getting great shots is only half the battle when it comes to your photo shoot. Organizing, labeling, and providing our design team with your new photos is just as important as the shoot itself! Clearly label every photo with the room name, provide the largest photo sizes possible (at least 2,500 pixels wide), be sure there are no watermarks, and upload to Dropbox or Smugmug. Professional photography is an essential investment for your business, so take the time and care necessary to be sure it’s done right. Happy photoshooting!