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Taylor Trubia

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As travel trends change and evolve, the email marketing strategy for your business should too! According to a recent study by NOESIS, the following trends will be some of the top driving factors as guests plan their travel for 2023. Incorporate these trends in your email marketing to ensure that your business thrives and that you reap the benefits of effective and strategic email marketing.


The allure of staycations did not end with the pandemic – the desire for them is still rising! With many working remotely or running their own businesses, staycations have never been hotter! As people continue to prioritize health and safety, staycations are predicted to be one of the top travel trends for 2023 and beyond. Staycations give travelers the opportunity to unwind and explore local attractions, while minimizing travel time and expenses. Staycations also support the local economy and can reduce carbon footprints by reducing transportation emissions which will tie into our later point on eco-friendly travel – keep reading!

Email Marketing Tie-In

To capture staycation guests, consider creating a segmented email list that targets your drive market, local area, and previous guests. Personalize your emails with their names, and mention their past stays or proximity to your inn. Promote some creative packages, discounts, or exclusive offers to drive bookings that feature local goodies or nearby activities. Highlight unique features of your property, such as amenities, events, or local attractions that show your neighbors that they don’t need an exotic vacation far away to have a wonderful time. Regularly send newsletters with updates, seasonal promotions, and testimonials from other guests who have enjoyed vacations to keep your audience engaged. With strategic email marketing campaigns, you can boost your bookings and encourage guests to enjoy a memorable staycation at your inn.


Workations involve combining work and leisure, typically by traveling to a destination that offers both an office space and vacation experiences and are particularly appealing to digital nomads, freelancers, and other remote workers. This type of retreat offers the opportunity to enjoy a change of scenery, explore new places, and maintain a work-life balance. Workations are also beneficial for companies looking to provide their employees with flexible work options and incentivize productivity. With the rise of co-working spaces and other services catering to remote workers, workations are expected to become a top travel trend in 2023, providing a unique blend of work and play. Make sure your inn is set up for this type of vacation and that you market it properly to reap the rewards of the trend.

Email Marketing Tie-In

In your emails, highlight the work-friendly amenities of your inn, such as reliable high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable workspaces, and access to free coffee or snacks. Consider showcasing outdoor workspaces by the pool or in a quiet garden area. Promote special packages that cater to the needs of remote workers, such as longer stays, flexible check-in times, or complimentary printing and faxing services. Make sure to emphasize the benefits of a workcation, such as increased productivity and reduced stress levels. With a well-crafted email marketing campaign, you can attract new guests who are seeking a productive and refreshing workcation experience at your inn.

Environment-Friendly Travel

Environment-friendly travel is predicted to be another top travel trend in 2023, as people become increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment. Sustainable travel practices are gaining momentum, with travelers seeking eco-friendly accommodations, transport options, and experiences that minimize their carbon footprint. Environment-friendly travel involves making conscious choices to reduce waste, conserve energy, and protect natural resources and supporting local businesses who also value eco-friendly practices. With increasing popularity, travelers are seeking the opportunity to explore new destinations while leaving a positive impact on the planet and vacationing in a way they can feel good about.

Email Marketing Tie In

Now is the perfect time to dedicate some of your upcoming campaigns to highlighting the eco-friendly initiatives your inn is taking part in. Highlight EV charging stations, donation partnerships with local wildlife or eco-friendly businesses, green-friendly products you provide at your inn, and recommendations for ways to explore your area in a green way. This style of content is becoming increasingly popular and going beyond a special offer in your email blasts will help you make more personal connections with the guests who subscribe to your email newsletter and enjoy staying in touch with you.

Interior Design

The interior design of inns is predicted to be a top travel trend in 2023, as travelers increasingly prioritize immersive and personalized experiences that are aesthetically pleasing and social media worthy. Inns are increasingly evolving into destinations that reflect the unique characteristics of their location and culture. It’s important to prioritize the interior design of your property including technology like lighting, sound, and temperature control features that can be customized through smartphones or other devices. Being intentional about your property’s design and characteristics will deepen the experience.

Email Marketing Tie-In

When making updates and renovations to your inn, it’s important to keep your guests in the loop with regular updates and pictures. One way to do this is by sending out email newsletters that showcase the latest improvements and renovations to your property. Many of our clients have seen higher open and click rates as a result of renovation and redecorating announcements. This not only keeps your guests excited about the changes you’re making, but also entices them to book a stay and experience the updates firsthand! By keeping your guests informed, you’re also building a stronger relationship with them and showing them that you care about their experience at your inn. Whether it’s a major construction project or simply a seasonal refresh, take photos and share it all!

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