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Katie French-White

Katie has been working with boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rental properties, wedding venues and more for over 19 years. She is passionate about the numbers and helping properties succeed.

The Captain Lord Mansion of Kennebunkport, Maine is a Forbes Travel Guide Inn offering unsurpassed luxury with a strong emphasis on guest service. As one of only a small handful of exemplary inns to appear on the coveted Forbes List for the State of Maine, the Captain Lord Mansion enjoys a prestigious place among the lodging greats in the US market. The founders and owners of Captain Lord Mansion, Rick Litchfield and Beverly Davis have been welcoming guests for over 30 years and developed one of the very first guest loyalty programs for the independent lodging sector.

The Captain Lord Mansion has partnered with White Stone Marketing for their bed and breakfast marketing for almost a decade now to continually obtain a higher rate of repeat business, expand their reach to new guests including innovations to draw in the millennial travelers. As such, each and every month, the White Stone Marketing team strategically and aggressively pushes packages and specials in all digital marketing channels. These channels include: professional and unique email blasts, strategic landing pages and blogs, pay per click marketing, local and national directory inclusion, social media coverage and more. Some of the additional strategies employed include revenue management, reservation recovery, balanced OTA use, and creative blogs and content. Additionally, our team integrates highly successful SEO campaigns using the latest proven and reliable techniques.

Below are but a few of the campaigns the White Stone team has launched for Captain Lord Mansion. They are currently enjoying record-breaking numbers compared to previous years.

Client Testimonial

“Dear Allison, Thank you so much for this honor and your kind words. We love you, Scott and your fine staff. Also, you have helped our business tremendously. Warm regards, Rick”

New Custom Website Design

Our 3rd website design for Captain Lord Mansion was just launched last year! View the results from the launch of the new website.

Captain Lord Mansion Website

Campaign Marketing #1

We marketed packages & area attractions while having a healthy mix of on and off site enjoyment for guests.

Campaign 1 Captain Lord


Campaign Marketing #1 Content Integration

We crafted a new “Best Kennebunkport Restaurants” page. Local restaurants were contacted and they provided most of the photos you see in this blog.

Best Restaurants in Kennbunkport

Social Media Integration

After we launch a new campaign we promote in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We utilize graphics, still photos, photo galleries, deals, contests and custom video.

Custom Video Social Media Marketing Captain Lord Social Media Marketing

Campaign Marketing #2

We launched a quick flash sale to bolster business.

Email Marketing Campaign for a B&B

Campaign Marketing #3

This campaign was to promote the fun upcoming events.

Email Marketing Bed and Breakfast and Hotels

Campaign Marketing #4

We wanted to show guests that they need to stay longer since there is so much to do in and around Kennebunkport. This campaign is itinerary/experienced based.

Email Marketing for Hotels

Content Creation

We needed to get across that it isn’t enough to stay at the Captain Lord Mansion for one day. As such we craft the “3 Perfect Days in Maine” itinerary to show people that they need to stay with us longer. This type of content is useful year round so we not only pitched this in the email blast but created a new blog post that can be used year-round.

3 Perfect Days Itinerary marketing

Campaign Marketing #4

Holiday events and gift certificate sales were featured in this campaign.

christmas in kennebunkport email marketing

Content Creation

We wanted to create the experience of how magical Thanksgiving and Christmas are in Kennebunkport.

christmas in Kennebunkport

Wedding & Event Campaigns

Promoting weddings and events has not been a focus for the Captain Lord Mansion. If weddings and events are important you should look at this wedding marketing campaign.

Revenue Results

Over the last year, the Captain Lord Mansion has enjoyed in excess of $33,000 in online bookings from the email blasts alone. Furthermore, the email blasts also attributed to over $24,000 in assisted conversions, bringing the total ONLINE direct bookings from email blasts alone to over $56,000. This doesn’t even take into account the revenue from phone bookings from these personalized campaigns!

Total Conversions on the website increased by 57.16% and assisted conversions increased by 58.93% compared to the previous year. Rick Litchfield also discussed how many phone call bookings increased with the launch of these campaigns and the social/directory/PPC push.

We would be happy to discuss developing your personalized marketing strategy to see if our digital marketing plans are a fit for your unique Boutique Hotel or Luxury Inn.


The White Stone Marketing Team