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The Challenge

Herb and Ruth are the type of clients you would jump through any hoop they offered you just to make them happy! If I could choose the perfect client, I knew it would be the two of them. In fact, one of my favorite things they told us was when they first signed on with White Stone Marketing almost a decade ago was that if they were going to do this thing, “they would go down with no bullets left in their gun!” So, if they put their entire heart and soul into creating Castle in the Country, how could we do anything less? From that day forward, we have been the long-standing partners in a hugely successful Inn operation. In order to rise to the current new design challenge, we were tasked with creating a site that would propel them forward, sustain profitability and secure their place as the leading luxury establishment for romantic getaways in Michigan.

The Answer

I do believe we achieved this directive with the brand new Castle in the Country design. They chose our Breckenridge template which is perfect for a property with a very photo forward feel. Christian Giannelli has taken thousands of photos of this property on at least three separate photo shoots over the last several years. Thus, you will find photography from all seasons, exceptional indoor shots, and outside shots with perfect lighting due to the time of year. Because of the many photo shoots, we were able to capture dozens of delicious food shots with a variety of amazing breakfasts. And, of course, Castle in the Country has always been known for it’s fairytale wedding dreams and as such, you’ll note a fun and fanciful detailed wedding section.

Design: Signature

Template Used: Breckenridge

Modules purchased:

  • Area guide module
  • Mini weddings module
  • Blog import

“Oh my gosh! The new website is absolutely stunning!”

Ruth Boven, Castle in the Country

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