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Custom website for Chesterfield Inn

The Challenge:

Every now and then a client comes along who outshines just about everyone else. Judy is one of those. I’m sure birds and sunshine hold up her cape as she runs through the forest…but I digress. Finding anything challenging about Judy would simply be a futile effort. However, her property does have its challenges. She is located in the tiny town of West Chesterfield, New Hampshire and she is certainly the only property in her category in Trip Advisor. Thus, one could say she is a bit off the beaten path. Nevertheless, marketing Judy’s place is fun because she runs her inn with the exactness of a Swiss watch maker! With her well-oiled machine, the marketing has really fallen into place. However, we decided to present Judy with a challenge – “Since this is the second website we have done for you, we’d like to design something that is a bit out of the box, a tad more modern and fun, and considerably different than our normal fare.” Well…you guessed it! She told us to go right ahead! In the 20 years I’ve been doing this, I find the more kind and considerate the client, the harder the whole staff works for them. Judy is that gem each staff member wanted to go over and above to please…

The Answer:

And please we did! Judy was thrilled when she first laid eyes on her new design. We were just happy she was delighted with the final product. But, of course, the product had to perform! We compared the first 30 days after launch with the same 30 days the year prior and the results were stunning: Traffic sessions were up by 607 hits, bounce rate improved by 9.03%, online transactions increased by 14 and the increase in revenue she realized in the first 30 days after launch paid for the site! Now, that is a spectacular return on investment. Mark and Matthew of Jumping Rocks Photography supplied the amazing photos and gave us the idea to present this New Hampshire bed and breakfast with a presence more reflective of a casual resort. Thus, we showcased the photos in such a way to bring the outdoor space to life illuminating the beauty of the New Hampshire countryside. Judy continues to tell us the great response she is having to the site and the increase in revenue she is seeing!

Design: Custom

In the first year since the site launched the following increases occurred:

Total Revenue Increase up $38,824
Google Organic Traffic up 21.94%
Conversions up 6.87%

“This was the second web site that White Stone has created for us. The process was just as smooth and stress free as last time, and our new site is just gorgeous! It was a pleasure to work with everyone at White Stone, from start to finish, and I’m thrilled with our new responsive website. It can be used on a PC, tablet or cell phone, so now I have no need for a separate mobile site, and I can make any changes that I need through WordPress. Jumping Rocks’ photos are true to life and show the property at its best. I know that the White Stone team always “has my back” and that I can call them anytime for support. I would recommend them to anyone, and count myself lucky to be one of their clients!”

Phil & Judy Hueber, Chesterfield Inn

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