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There are several reasons hospitality professionals seek our expertise in creating a website for their business. Maybe they’ve had a family member, business acquaintance or friend create their current site and it simply does not produce the results it should. We have also seen companies who “rent” the property owner a website with a monthly fee. However, more often than not, the hospitality professional ends up getting the rug yanked out from under them when these companies go out of business or are absorbed by another company. And lastly, websites have a shelf life and need to be updated every few years with the latest technology and dynamic visual appeal to achieve higher conversions.

Launching a new hotel, resort, wedding venue or inn website can be quite a process, but the effort will benefit you for years to come. White Stone Marketing is an industry leader in crafting stunning, revenue producing websites for the travel & hospitality industry. We provide website for inns, bed and breakfasts, wedding venues and others, created from the ground up specifically with them in mind. Our code is proprietary, though our sites are built in WordPress, for maximum compatibility and ease of use. If you’re in the market for a new website and want record results online, keep reading to see the top six reasons why you should consider a website from White Stone Marketing.

1. Own Your Website for Maximum Flexibility & Security

Be in Full Control of Your #1 Sales Tool
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We strongly believe every business should own their digital marketing assets, especially their website design. We often see businesses relegate their most valuable asset to a cheap template on a closed CMS system, or they’re suckered into leasing their website on a monthly plan as it can seem like a cheaper option. Over the course of 4-5 years, which is a typical life-cycle of a site, renting a website does not end up being less expensive. In fact it may be more! Often, these options come with strict contracts which will prevent you from walking away if the provider no longer performs. On the flip side, they might cut ties with you or go out of business, leaving you scrambling to get find a new solution short notice!

Benefits of a White Stone Web Design:

  • You own your own website, so no long-term contracts.
  • Built in WordPress for universal compatibility.
  • Make content changes yourself to save time and money.
  • A myriad of professionals can work on it for you.
  • It’s an asset and transferrable if you sell your business.
  • You’ll get access to our top-performing Google Cloud WordPress web hosting partner, but you may host anywhere you wish.

2. Guests & Clients Will Connect to the Visual Appeal

We've Been Creating Stunning Websites for over 25 Years
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Do you find yourself viewing a website and you can tell immediately that it was created with a do-it-yourself system or built by a corporate website-mill? It’s important to stand out from the crowd – and we know the hospitality industry is crowded! In almost every city there is a plethora of options for travelers, diners and engaged couples to choose from when it comes to inns, vacation rentals, hotels, wedding venues, restaurants and more. It’s important to have a stunning site that sets you apart from your competition. White Stone Marketing has been creating some of the industry’s most carefully crafted, visually stunning and largest revenue producing websites for over 25 years. Check out our bed and breakfast website design portfolio to see for yourself. If you want a website as unique as you are which truly showcases your property in the best light, you’re in the right place.

White Stone Makes the Design Process Easy for You.

  • You’ll have your choice of our exclusive themes, professionally designed with hospitality businesses in mind.
  • All of our design themes can be fully customized for your unique property, so you can outshine your competition.
  • Avoid getting duped by other providers who label their websites as “premium,” when in fact they are just poorly built, copy-cat websites, and end up with an unrefined, cookie-cutter look and feel.
  • Our web designs are able to highlight all of your revenue streams with personalized modules.
  • Our team of professionals apply the latest best practices and their industry expertise to every design.

3. Feel Secure With Expertly-Crafted Structure & Code

Don't Leave Any Possible Customers Out
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Any website can look beautiful but many do not contain the important and unseen building blocks and marketing elements fully integrated in the back end. A site can be slow, lack important marketing strategies, and ultimately not have exposure in the search engines. White Stone Marketing website designs are beneficial for a number of reasons as it pertains to the structure and code:

White Stone Websites Play Well with Everyone!

  • Our sites are fully responsive to render beautifully on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.
  • We code sites from the ground up with proprietary code to be SEO-friendly and stay current on the latest trends and strategies.
  • Google Analytics code is integrated for revenue tracking with most major booking engines.
  • Integration with many popular scheduling & booking software is available for a streamlined look and feel.

4. Connect to More Customers with Expert SEO

Proper Search Engine Optimization is an Art
SEO and White Stone Marketing Websites

A beautiful website which gets zero traffic is like having no website at all. It’s important to have an experienced professional integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices throughout your site. Good SEO means stronger placement in the search engines, which brings more  qualified visitors to your site who consistently spend their traveling dollars with you. Oftentimes web designers are just that, designers with little to no SEO experience. We frequently audit design prospects and find SEO was either never integrated or is markedly underperforming. White Stone Marketing websites integrate the latest SEO best practices from the top industry experts.

These Critical Elements Enhance Your Online Exposure:

  • Well Researched & Expertly Crated SEO
  • Targeted Schema
  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Integrated Blogs to Boost Content Building

5. Learn How to Spend Your Marketing Money Wisely

When You Know Better, You Do Better!
Google Analytics and White Stone Designs

All of our website designs have Google Analytics revenue and conversion tracking integrated with proprietary code to assure an accurate knowledge-base. Knowing exactly which online channels send quality traffic that converts, enables you to hold every directory and marketing conduit accountable. It also allows you to allocate your marketing dollars to the channels that are actually working. Without this important revenue tracking tool, you’re marketing in the dark. Let us bring you into the light and guide you to success with mind-blowing results! If you want more dedicated help, we offer full marketing services to help boost your new site. Our marketing plans are all month-to-month, so there is little risk in giving us a try. We like to think our results speak for themselves, and you’ll want to continue to partner with us! There’s nothing worse than being locked into a marketing agreement with a sub-par company whose results often fall flat, and you’re stuck in their unbreakable contract.

Make Your Marketing Dollars Work for You!

  • Arm yourself with the knowledge you need.
  • Let us handle it for you to maximize results.

6. Our “Little Things” Add Up to Big Things

There's So Much More to a Website Than What Your Customers See
Email Marketing and White Stone Designs

Partnering with White Stone Marketing offers you so much more than a website. All of our “little things” equate to an incredible number of conversions over the course of time. We’ve spent years narrowing in on what’s most important and beneficial for you, and curating the best ways to get results.

Get Access to These Opportunities to Boost Your Business:

  • Coordinated Email Marketing
  • Effective Calls to Action
  • Custom Form Integration
  • Industry Tool Integrations
  • Heat-Mapping to Track User Behavior
  • Blog Creation
  • Niche Marketing Segments
  • Code Integration for Re-Marketing
  • Cart Abandonment Integration

Instead of “One Day” Make This “Day One”

Start Your Road to Success With a Website from White Stone
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If you’re interested in a website which has been specially curated for hospitality businesses please reach out today. Our marketing and design professionals are here to help you optimize your most important sales tool – your website. Your site is like a salesperson working for you 24/7, shouldn’t it be able to do the best job possible at showcasing your luxury property or event venue? Don’t wait any longer to get started on your road to success with White Stone Marketing.

White Stone Company Highlights:

  • We started the first online directory for bed & breakfasts.
  • We’ve been industry leaders for over 25 years.
  • Our seasoned staff are experts in their fields.
  • We provide excellent, personal service. You’re never treated like a number or forced to fill out trouble tickets.
  • Get exclusive access to industry tools & partnerships.


Copyright & Disclaimer Information
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