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Allison Crumpton

Allison’s penchant for excellence and superior customer service coupled with her strategy of partnering with each client has created a robust portfolio of some of the most successful inns in the nation. As Co-Owner of White Stone Marketing, Allison endeavors to ensure each and every White Stone client is successful!

In a world of fake news and click bait articles, all of us who love Bed and Breakfast Inns and independent lifestyle boutique hotels have had to fight back against the following article put out by Country Living.

The premise is false and serves no purpose other than to bash an entire industry because of one unfortunate experience. One could just as easily write an article entitled, “Why You Should Never Stay at a Hotel Again” because of one poor experience at a random hotel. Anyone reading that article would think the author was crazy and summarily dismiss it. We need to react in the same way to an article that thrashes the entire industry from one bad experience. It is simply, in my opinion, poor journalism.

Thankfully, the good folks at Blessings On State Bed and Breakfast wrote a fantastic rebuttal to refute the ‘fake news’ and to provide a true picture of our wonderful industry! Enjoy some real news…