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Custom website for DC Inns

The Challenge:

Laura Saba and Courtney Lodico, owners and sisters of two Washington DC bed and breakfasts, are a dynamic duo I have had the privilege of knowing and working with for many years. This is our SECOND White Stone site for this amazing property. And, as is always the case when you do a second or third site for the same property, you have to outdo yourself to make sure it performs to a greater level than the previous site. Thus, our challenge was to more logically juxtaposition the two properties so as to clearly draw out their differences and unique selling points. Because they are under one umbrella domain yet are two distinct inns which are located some distance from one another, the challenge was how to present both properties equitably while informing the traveler which accommodation would be the best choice. These are not similar properties in style or design and serve different audiences so our team had to clearly think through the structure, design and overall presentation in order to ensure their online exposure would draw in the right guests!

The Answer:

And…the perfect guest is always what Laura and Courtney are looking for in how they run their business. They embraced innkeeping as a lifestyle, not just a job. Each sister truly loves what she does and their passion is evident through the extra touches and service they offer to each guest to make sure that guest knows they have a home in DC. Take a look at the new site we created,, and I know you’ll agree that our combined efforts were a home run! One of the main issues for Laura and Courtney was to provide a perfect list of restaurant choices as well as a thorough document on all there is to do in DC! They are native Washingtonians and their knowledge of what is best for any traveler is second to none. Thus, the DC Travel Tips was born! And, if you have a love for our Nation’s Capitol, you will never tire of the amazing area photos throughout the site. Of course, the answer to any website design would never be complete without the amazing work of Jumping Rocks Photography. We thank them for capturing the heart of two inns which truly embody the spirit of hospitality.

Design: Custom

In the first year since the site launched the following increases occurred:

Total Revenue Increase up $23,289
Total Reservations up 794
Google Organic Traffic up 5.37%

“We’re LIVE! At last! The new site looks fantastic! We hope you like the comparison tab Liz did for us. We love it! She nailed it! Now everyone can find an easy answer to a question we hear too, too often – “So what’s the difference between the two properties?” And our staff also has a wonderful script for answering the question as well. Yippee! Yeah! Woo Hoo! We’re thrilled!”

Laura Saba, DC Inns

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