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Taylor Trubia

Taylor is a Marketing Specialist and part of our fabulous Campaign Team! She loves creating unique and effective content for our clients.
Fall Foliage Marketing for Inns Marketing Fall Foliage

Establishing the Goal

We all know that visits to beautiful bed and breakfasts are not just about having a place to sleep while out of town… it’s all about the experience! Modern travelers want to get away and fully immerse themselves into something new, spectacularly unique, comfortable, and alluring. The fall season is a popular time to get away and getting up close to gorgeous fall foliage is a huge draw. We have designed a number of campaigns around the magical fall season for many White Stone clients this season and we have seen positive results!

Autumn Marketing Campaigns Foliage Season Marketing Graphic

Creating the Wow Factor

Fall campaigns, including email blasts, blog posts, and social media posts should be beautiful and create a visual that gives potential guests a feel for the type of atmosphere they can look forward to experiencing during their stay. Fall photos of your property and surrounding areas, as well as carefully chosen stock photographs that evoke those fall feelings create a ‘wow factor’ that will catch your guests’ attention. Think warm, cozy, romantic, relaxing, refreshing etc. Here are some examples.

Lodge at Moosehead Lake Fall Adventure Email

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Westwynd Farm Fall Promotion

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Chesterfield Inn Fall Foliage Marketing Campaign

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Evoking a Sense of Urgency

The fall season does not last forever, and for most areas the peak foliage window is a short one. Fall campaigns should be specific about the best times for guests to enjoy the best leaf-peeping and other fall activities. To this end, we intentionally choose subject lines and campaign text that encourage bookings during specific windows of time. Letting your guests know exactly when you recommend they stay, what rooms are still available, and why they should book now help inspire quick bookings.

Crafting Complete Getaways

Many of our clients have had success with campaigns that feature a detailed itinerary based on the best destinations and activities at their inn and its surrounding area. Having a fully planned out schedule that they can follow helps make their getaway a cohesive experience. Encouraging each guest to tailor the itinerary to their specific tastes and talk to their innkeepers for more ideas are wonderful ways to create a special and unique stay. Peruse these itineraries and let them help you brainstorm your own customized itinerary!

Bringing the Experience to Life

Video is an increasingly popular medium today and it is especially eye-catching. Make your content stand out with a custom video like this one. It’s one of the best ways for your guests to picture themselves there… on a fabulous getaway in the middle of the glorious fall season. After crafting these custom videos for our clients, we often embed them into blog posts and landing pages, link to them in email blasts, and feature them on social media outlets. They have proven to be quite popular.

Inspired? Have some ideas for your own fall campaign? Let your Senior Account Manager know!