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The Challenge:

When I first chatted with Lynn Green of Four Chimneys Inn, I knew I was talking to a well-seasoned and expert innkeeper who knew exactly what she was doing! Despite a very old website and little to no marketing, she had occupancy and revenue numbers that were particularly astounding to me. Thus, our only real challenge was simply to present her property in the best possible light and let Lynn do her magical, innkeeping thing that she is so very good at. In fact, she had spent many years in corporate marketing prior to becoming an innkeeper and so she knew exactly what she needed but simply didn’t have the time to execute. This is the beauty of a partnership with White Stone Marketing in that we function as an innkeeper’s in-house marketing partner even though they are clearly outsourcing to us. In Lynn’s case, she needed our expertise to match her expertise to create the winning formula to take her profitability to new heights.

The Answer:

Lynn chose one of our premium templates, The Keystone, to provide both a beautiful and affordable option for a design that would perfectly showcase her gorgeous Vermont Bed and Breakfast. I also knew she needed to secure a photo shoot with the amazingly talented duo of Jumping Rocks Photography. Fortunately, she was able to book a shoot and we were able to get her on the design calendar soon thereafter. The timing was perfect and the project came together just in time for the busy summer season. As I always tell my clients, we can’t expect guests to book on faith. We have to give them every reason to book based on your website exemplifying the same quality as the property you have worked so hard on over the years.

Design: Signature

Template Used: Keystone

Modules purchased:

  • Area guide module
  • 1 room page

“Just a note to Lindy and everyone who worked on the new website for the Four Chimneys. It looks fantastic. We are quite pleased! Appreciate all of the hard work put into it. Thank you to Lindy and all!”

Lynn Green, Owner, Four Chimney Inn, Bennington Vermont

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