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When we first talked to Buddy Reed, owner of Great Oak Manor, he had a simple request. “I want to love what I do.” But, in order to love innkeeping again, his business needed a serious shot in the arm. In fact, he had become discouraged by the dwindling revenue and occupancy of the property. He knew he had a gorgeous property that he wanted to share with the world. However, his current marketing initiatives were non-existent, and his site lacked any wow factor whatsoever. Upon advice from his business consultant, Buddy contacted White Stone Marketing hoping for the panacea he felt must certainly exist. White Stone owners, Scott and Allison, personally visited Buddy at his property to see his amazing manor in person. We discovered he simply had a marketing problem and we could fix that! In just over 1 year of working with us on our bed and breakfast campaign marketing program, getting a new logo, and launching a new site, his revenue increased by almost 39% and the total number of nights booked leaped by almost 28%! It’s safe to say – Buddy’s dream did come true.


In only one year of our Campaign Marketing Plan:

Revenue has increased by 38%
Occupancy has increased by 28%

Greak Oak Manor Marketing Improvements Chart