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Signature Design - Hermann Hill

The Problem

Our team has known Terry Hammer and his world-renowned Inn for well over a decade if not more. For years we have passed each other in the halls of conferences while scurrying to fit in another session. Each time, we have cordially nodded and said hello. However, we never really envisioned working with him and his team. As the years went by, Terry and Peggy Hammer became more and more cutting edge in their innkeeping strategies. Never ones to sit on their laurels, they innovated, tested, succeeded, failed, and tried again. They repeated this laborious process over and over again until they really achieved the pinnacle of the innkeeping world in terms of their product and offerings. We certainly haven’t seen their equal. A couple of years back, Terry Hammer gave a session at the AIHP Conference in which he revealed all his financials, in full transparency, to the crowd! It was an eye-opening session to be sure where he ‘lifted the skirt’ on the inn’s entire operation. We gawked – along with the rest of the crowd! His unflinching dedication to his craft was evident in the complexity of a finely tuned, innkeeping machine. This session was one for the record books! Our team had to learn from this master to better hone our own craft. Thus, we set up a management team retreat at Hermann Hill to learn the inside scoop on his operations. Terry was all too gracious and accommodated our team for several days with unmatched hospitality and service. Yet, and herein lies the rub, his online presence didn’t match the experience. After experiencing all that is Hermann Hill on-site, we knew that no one could fully grasp this gem of a property with the current marketing. Thus, we pitched a plan…

The Solution

Our solution was to take on the marketing of both the lodging and the wedding venue. We began with a complete overhaul of their wedding site to correspond with new packages for brides. We chose a modern, clean and contemporary look. From the very first day the new wedding site launched, the RFP’s began rolling in at a faster pace than they had ever seen!

Next, we embarked on the lodging site. To turn this ship around was a major undertaking. The website was a hodge-podge of hundreds of links to various aspects of the lodging experience without communicating any kind of overall organization or logical presentation to the guest. To that end, we had our work cut out for us and we eagerly dove in to accept this new challenge. In fact, during the design process, Terry and his team started the new, “Stay Your Way” Program which essentially unbundled their all-inclusive lodging experience allowing the guest to choose which a la carte items appealed most to them. In so doing, we were able to be instrumental in fashioning a site featuring both the Stay Your Way initiative as well as their traditional Signature Experience. By putting more control in the hands of their guest, the consumer is able to create their ideal romantic getaway in Missouri. We are all very proud of the collaborative work we did on this project with the full participation of the Hermann Hill management team. We think you’ll be impressed!

Design: Signature

Templates Used: Snowbird & Park City

Modules purchased:

  • Area guide module
  • Mini meetings & retreats module
  • Mailchimp template

“Hermann Hill is a complex operation with many moving parts. White Stone’s team listened to our concerns and helped us roll out a new way of booking reservations while they were building our lodging website. As our industry changes it’s good to know that we have White Stone on our side marketing both our wedding and lodging businesses with two new well crafted websites.

Many thanks to the White Stone Team!”

Terry & Peggy Hammer, Owners
Hermann Hill

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