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Signature design - Hermann Hill Weddings Wedding party inside the chapel at Hermann Hill Exterior of the Cottage at Hermann Hill Bride and bridesmaid at Herman Hill King bed and large whirlpool tub in a room at Hermann Hill


Hermann Hill went from having one all-encompassing site for lodging and weddings to having White Stone Marketing develop a new wedding site. The goal of the new site is to give well-deserved attention to their amazing wedding packages.

Becky from Hermann Hill Weddings says that separating out weddings on stand alone site, was “such a good move”. We thought each business needed a website that could appeal to different demographics and have better results from inquiries viewed on a mobile device. We have seen more initial leads that turned out to show more value by calling anyone a lead that contacted us that didn’t have any interest in a venue or reception site. Since we are providing less specific information on the new site, more bridal couples are interested in a tour to find out more about our wedding venue. “We’ve finally realized that a true lead must be treated like gold, never passed off to someone who doesn’t know how to explain our value story, and be genuinely interested in the bridal couple.”

Hermann Hill Weddings trusted us to deliver a high-quality graphic PDF to showcase wedding packages, create social media campaigns, expertly written blogs, and strategic SEO/SEM strategies.



With a shared website, their Wedding Page Views were only at 66.

Just one year later, with the new independent site, they are up to an amazing 67,655 Page Views!

In just 10 months after launch, website traffic is up 18%.

We have also been able to encourage photographers to upload and share photos so that Hermann Hill can easily use stunning current photos in their marketing. It’s a win-win!

Hermann Hill Wedding Web Traffic