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After almost three decades of mastering online marketing for a wide variety of lodging properties, restaurants, and event venues, we understand what your hospitality branding requires to garner more guests and boost your bottom line. Through a well crafted marketing strategy, including properly placed pay-per-click ads and targeted SEO, our team can help position your unique hospitality brand to stand out from the crowd. Ask us how we can put our expertise in hospitality and hotel collection marketing to work for you!

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Hotel Collection Websites

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A professional website plays a vital role in presenting your lodging properties to prospective guests. You dedicate a lot of effort and resources to building your hospitality brand, so your digital presence should effectively showcase what sets you apart. As an owner of multiple properties or businesses, we recommend that you establish and own your websites, instead of subscribing to a monthly service. This guarantees that you’ll maintain the most autonomy, control and adaptability. At White Stone Marketing, we excel in crafting sophisticated websites that perfectly portray the distinctive charm of your unique properties, all while utilizing all the technical essentials and industry requirements.

Hotel Collection Web Design Examples

We can help owners of multiple boutique hotels or small inns create an online solution to under one umbrella brand. View our hotel collection web design portfolio.

preview of Arizona hotel collection website

Bespoke Inn Collection
Modern boutique hotels in Arizona.

Vacation rental website for Carolina Resorts

Carolina Resorts Company
A unique blend of lodging properties in North Carolina.

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Advice from Our Founder

Why Should You Own Your Website?

“In the past, we’ve witnessed hospitality collections rely solely on a single third-party platform, and unfortunately, when that platform went under, they were left in a crisis. They lost their website, marketing, and had to urgently alter their online business presence. This situation underscores the significance of not relying on a single platform and the importance of establishing a diversified online presence.”

– Allison Crumpton, White Stone Marketing Owner

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If you own multiple lodging properties, then it’s important to be on third-party directories for the exposure, but not rely on them for bookings. Depending on them for reservations can limit your control over the guest experience and cut into your profits. Instead, drive direct bookings through carefully crafted search terms, targeted paid ads, and strategic social media campaigns. By allowing our marketing experts to create a comprehensive online solution, you’ll be able to keep more control of your business and more profit in your pocket.



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Client Spotlight

Carolina Resorts

“We’ve been working with Whitestone for just over 3 years now. Their knowledge of the lodging and hospitality business has been a huge asset to us as we have built Carolina Resort Company into one of the premier small lodging property management companies in the industry. Not only are they excellent communicators, but they also act as a partner with recommendations and insights that are specific to us. We are very happy to be working with Whitestone.”

– Mike Harrington, Carolina Resorts

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