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When you have more that one hospitality property, it makes sense to leverage your market position by promoting them together. When people are happy with an experience in one property, it makes sense that they will seek out a bed and breakfast, hotel, or restaurant that is in the same family brand. Our team can design a stunning hospitality, inn or hotel collection website to add a level of legitimacy to your business and promote your entire selection of offerings. Take a look at a few we’ve created for our clients below!

Impact Vacation Rentals Collection Website Design
Luxury Getaways

Impact Vacation Rentals

Talk about making an impact! This privately held vacation rental business had been sustaining solely by listing their properties on a third-party directory-style website, but they knew it was time to ramp up their brand. Impact Vacations came to White Stone Marketing for help creating a branded website that had a modern yet rustic feel, to match up with their geographical areas and home styles. Our team came up with a creative solution to solve their unique needs. Now they’re able to promote their own properties as opposed to being lumped into a sea of competition. We’re certain that their new vacation rental collection website will serve them well and will help them continue to expand their inventory.

Carolina Resort Company - Hotel Collection Design
Nostalgic Charm & Modern Comfort

Carolina Resort Company

With properties focused on the North Carolina coast, Carolina Resorts has built a portfolio of hospitality businesses from renovated motels to luxury boutique hotels with dining. The owner of these coastal properties was looking for a way to help cross-promote his properties, highlight his company, and capture more opportunities. Our team built a single page website that is simple yet sophisticated, and is expandable as the company grows.

Mad River Lodges - Hotel Collection Design
Modern Lodging with a Rustic Feel

Mad River Lodges

What started as a single-property passion project for a family who fell in love with their vacation destination has turned into a small hotel group in the Mad River Valley of Vermont! The Franc family’s brand of providing modern and affordable accommodations has been crafted by renovating vintage lodges to meet the needs of the modern traveler, without any extra fluff. Their hotel collection website design is robust. Not only does it highlight their properties and their locations, but it also serves as an area guide and place to garner web traffic through curated hotel digital marketing and unique blog content.

Bespoke Inn Collection website
Authentic Arizona Getaways

Bespoke Inn Collection

Bespoke Inns is still in the early stages of building their collection of boutique inns in Arizona, but they wanted to get a jump on the progress! Our team congruently built their collection page, the website for their flagship property in Scottsdale, and a temporary site for their second location that’s still in development in Flagstaff. This will allow them to garner guests from one property to the other, depending on which type of destination they’re seeking, or even build a multi-city Arizona experience for guests who appreciate a continuity of hospitality.

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