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Signature Design - Inn at Whitewing Farm

The Problem

Lance Shortt is the type of guy who didn’t miss more than a couple days of works of his 30 plus years of owning a very successful restaurant. Thus, after he sold his restaurant, he approached White Stone Marketing with the possibility of us turning around his Inn: I knew I didn’t want to disappoint! The property itself is stunning with a tennis court, pool, and luxury amenities for the most discerning traveler. And, as a family run operation, Lance desired to make the inn his permanent way of life to provide not only a haven for weary travelers but a place of refuge and permanency for his own family. You can’t put a dollar amount on a dream like that – you simply have to know that you have the knowledge and the team to execute the most successful plan as possible for a family embarking on a totally new way of life.

The Solution

The solution was obvious. You see, there are 4 P’s to marketing – product, price, place and promotion. The inn is located in the Brandywine Valley and the photos, particularly the aerials of the property were stunning. Thanks to the tremendous talent of the Jumping Rocks duo, they had the best photography possible. Thus, the place of the inn really couldn’t be better! Next, we had the product itself. Again, Lance and his family are consummate hospitality experts and their taste and talent is evident in all their furnishings and beautifully appointed guest rooms. Again, the product is ideal! What’s left? Promotion and Price. If we could absolutely nail those two factors, we could hit it out of the park for this amazing family. And, so we did.

The talented White Stone team launched both the intricate and skillfully designed site you see before you as well as executing a comprehensive revenue management solution for aggressive yield management strategies. On December 1, 2018, The Inn at Whitewing Farm started marketing with White Stone Marketing. We started marketing services for them while they were having a new website crafted so we could get a head start on their success. On April 1, 2019, the new website went live.

Design: Signature

Template Used: Loveland

Modules purchased:

  • Area guide module
  • Mini meetings & retreats module
  • Mailchimp template

““It looks wonderful!”

Lance and Samantha Shortt, Inn at Whitewing Farm

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