At White Stone Marketing, we’re always looking for our next team member. If you have exceptional experience and expertise in any of the following areas and are looking to join a top hospitality digital marketing company, please send your resume and work portfolio to

  • Custom Bed and Breakfast Web Design
  • Hotel Internet Marketing
  • WordPress Development
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing including SEO, Google Adwords PPC, etc.
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Writing
  • Google AdWords, Bing Ads & Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing (especially MailChimp)
  • Experience in the Hospitality Industry


To apply for a position – send your resume in pdf format with a cover letter explaining why you think you are a good fit for the position and any examples of your work.

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Current Openings


Paid Search Engine Marketing Specialist (SEM)


Job Description
We are looking for a Paid Search Engine Marketing Specialist with strong experience in the paid search advertising platforms. The ideal candidate must have a passion for data-driven results, a solid understanding of ROI, strong organizational skills, and a track record of being able to analyze data, provide actionable insights and implement proven strategies.

Responsibilities for Primary Account

  • Perform keyword research to ascertain consumer search phrases for the hospitality industry.
  • Develop and launch marketing campaigns utilizing Google Adwords, Bing, FaceBook, DoubleClick and a variety paid inclusion and search services and platforms.
  • Be responsible and accountable for the performance of a paid search budget of up to $50,000/month.
  • Create and implement remarketing campaigns.
  • Slice and dice an enormous amount of complex data into meaningful conclusions that can be turned into actionable decisions and marketing campaigns.
  • Keep abreast of current trends, tools and strategies to remain on the forefront of the latest paid strategies and opportunities.

Responsibilities for Client Accounts

  • Manage a portfolio of Adwords accounts for 100 clients.
  • Be responsible and accountable for the ROI on each account for a total value of up to $100,000/month.
  • Perform keyword research, ad creation and updating for portfolio of Adwords accounts.
  • Track, analyze and report results based on Google Analytics data and other management tools.
  • Constantly refine methods and strategies based on data mining with a focus on ROI.
  • Work with cross-department teams to proactively make strategic PPC campaign recommendations to provide clients with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
  • Monitor competition to determine winning strategies and opportunities.
  • Write and optimize copy and landing pages.
  • Create monthly reports for each account with a focus of ROI based on Google Analytics data for clients and client reps.
  • Take ownership, responsibility and the lead with regard to strategy and performance of all accounts.
  • Be ready, willing and able to clearly explain data, reports and results to marketing team members and clients as necessary and answer questions pertaining to the status of clients’ accounts.


  • Proven experience managing paid search campaigns across all popular platforms (Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.).
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in paid search.
  • Strong analytical skills with ability to drive meaningful actions from large data sets in Google Analytics.
  • Ability to work independently within a remote team concept.
  • WordPress working knowledge to alter landing page content as necessary.
  • Strong proficiency in Google Analytics and Google AdWords and other related platforms.
  • 2+ years paid search and Google Analytics experiences required.

If you are highly proficient in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Analytics and other paid search platforms with a proven record of experience, we would be very interested in getting to know you and hearing about your past work experience. Please send a cover letter describing your skills in paid search and data analysis and show relevant examples of how your campaign management skills have helped clients in the search and display arena.

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LAMP Assistant Systems Administrator, Hostmaster and Tech


Job Description
Responsible for directly supporting the primary LAMP engineer by managing the day-to-day administration of a dev server and live web server while also providing technical assistance and direction to a team of marketing experts across a wide array of platforms. Applicants must posses a wide variety of knowledge and experience, have a can-do attitude for figuring things out and providing workable solutions to the web development and marketing teams.


  • LAMP Systems Administrator for Dev and Live Server
  • Hostmaster, Webmaster
  • Test support to web development and marketing teams
  • Google Analytics administration, installation and maintenance
  • Google Search Console Management and Reporting



  • Proficiency with the full LAMP Stack
  • Experience with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • Experience with WordPress management including custom themes, plugins and integrations at the code level
  • Working knowledge and experience with Bitbucket, CDN’s, C-Panel and DNS
  • Familiarity with AMP implementations
  • Strong experience with Google Analytics installations and implementation
  • Working knowledge of Google Search Console
  • Working knowledge of cloud storage solutions
  • Experience and desire to work in a team environment.

Helpful Knowledge and Experience

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Apps administration
  • API experience with any of the following: Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Maps, MailChimp, Twitter, AWS, etc.
  • JSON, RESTful API’s and integrations
  • Laravel Framework
  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree


Your résumé, which should include: A brief cover letter, explaining why you’re excited about this opportunity, links to work you’ve done that we should see, Ideal salary range

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