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Nathan Crumpton

Writing from his home base in Denver, Colorado, Nathan creates content that supports our clients in fully realizing the potential of their property. From SEO to Blogs, he has honed his love of the written word into a craft that highlights the strengths of the properties we market for. Representing the company with quality writing and helping keep our clients on the coveted first page of Google are some of the many ways he contributes his skills to the White Stone team.

The world has changed. A simple statement with immense implications behind it. To be fair, the world is always changing, nothing ever remains completely static in the grand scheme of things. Recent events have more than proven this as millions struggle to readjust their lives in a world after a global pandemic. For those willing to move with the times there is an opportunity on the horizon that has the potential to expand a new sector of the industry. It’s time to cater to a growing clientele seeking longer stays to keep your rental property occupied in the post-covid era.

a man with a glass of wine on a working vacation

Rise of the Working Vacation

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been a stormy sea for the hospitality industry, but a new wave is approaching, and people are looking to get out of the house and relax in comfort for longer than just a weekend. One of the most noticeable impacts Covid had was the widespread cultural phenomenon of quarantine, a strange new reality for millions across the United States. Though 2020 has been left in the rearview mirror, the effects have led to a collective “cabin fever” and this, combined with the boom of those now working from home, has created a whole new type of vacation. People want a change of scenery without disrupting their daily lives and a week, two-week, or even month-long stay might be just the ticket for someone tired of the same four walls.

The appeal of a work vacation is easy to understand, especially given how much society has shifted in the years following the initial outbreak. Guests can keep up with work and stay connected, all while enjoying a refreshing change in scenery. This can help guests come up with new ideas, implement creative solutions, and stimulate the mind in a relaxed and stress-free environment. A vacation rental equipped with high-speed internet, comfortable accommodations, and even access to tech that can’t travel well, like a printer, will make your destination more appealing for those seeking work-life balance. Guests will love having the convenience of a delicious breakfast to wake up to at the start of their day. Furthermore, having high-quality coffee and tea available is an easy addition that can make a world of difference for caffeine lovers needing some extra pep in their step.

a cook slicing veggies on a cutting board

A “Slow” Getaway

This niche is not only attractive to those seeking a working vacation but also to an emerging market coined as “slow living” by the hospitality press. Sometimes you just need to get away from everything and take a long break from the hectic lifestyle of the modern era. Make your rental property an oasis from the hustle and bustle, a soothing retreat where guests can slow down and appreciate just how beautiful life is.

You might have a couple renting your property who loves the outdoors and wants to spend their week exploring the surrounding area. Offer them a comprehensive list of nearby hikes and landmarks like waterfalls, natural wonders, or geological formations. Incorporating to-go baskets with goodies like jerky, trail mix, healthy snacks, and maybe even property branded water bottles will go a long way toward providing guests with a great first impression and helping them fuel up for outdoor adventures. Access to spa services can help elevate a stay with the healing power of a rejuvenating massage or spa treatment, creating a getaway that stimulates the senses and soothes the soul.

Clients with restaurants on the property can appeal to this demographic even more as there are sure to be plenty of foodies looking for delicious and healthy meals. Farm to table is a huge plus, as part of the “slow living” movement is focused on holistic cuisine from sustainable sources. Even just having a kitchen available in your rental will go a long way, as guests utilizing it for longer stays will likely want to cook their own meals. Recommend some places to shop for food nearby, maybe there is a fantastic health food store, or perhaps a local farmers market? After all, food is an essential part of any stay, and can help create wonderful memories for your guests who might come back and rent from you again!

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Thrive with White Stone Marketing

It has not been an easy couple of years for the hospitality industry, and no one understands what our clients have been going through quite like the experts at White Stone Marketing. We can help grow your rental property and make it a haven for those seeking peace after the chaos of Covid. However, we also know that recent events have been hard on our clients as well, and we are here to help and answer any questions on how to recover from the effects Covid has had on your business as well as tap into a new niche market that is sure to only grow in prominence as more and more people seek recovery in their own lives. With the help of all of us here at White Stone Marketing, you can grow your business and thrive in a time when many are simply trying to survive. Your guests will thank you for providing an incredible experience and you can be confident in the knowledge that you’re moving with the times instead of staying stagnant. We wish you all the best in navigating these strange waters as the end of the pandemic looks to finally be in sight.