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At White Stone Marketing, we truly care about each and every one of our clients. We love to see them succeed, and are appreciative of their rave reviews when they do. But when times are tough, and we have to dive into the trenches with them, their kind words mean even more. Here are just a few of our favorite testimonials from wedding venues and lodging properties, which we consider better than any design or marketing award we could win!

Wedding at The Neidhammer
Industrial-chic Indianapolis Wedding Venue

The Neidhammer

Our experience with White Stone Marketing has been satisfying from the beginning and we continue to be an excited client. We have a small, high-end venue in the Midwest and we were struggling mightily with attracting clients. It’s very hard to be a marketer AND accomplish your core business as well. We did our research and White Stone kept coming up in our searches. We looked at their clients and websites and started planning vacations to go visit their clients!! 🙂

Our conversations with the owner and principal were exhaustive and she answered all of our questions and then asked us questions. It felt like we were being interviewed…in a good way. Allison never oversold their capacity and looking back, she under-sold White Stone. Our website is beautiful, their SEO and other Blackmagic skills direct the exact traffic that we want across our digital domains. White Stone Marketing has made sure to challenge us, has been helpful, and they have held our hands throughout the whole process, delivering exactly what we had hoped for! We will be clients of White Stone Marketing and fans of their team for a very long time.

The Neidhammer Weddings & Events
Indianapolis, Indiana

fire pit at The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast
Romantic Maine Coast Getaway

The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast

First off, I am super pleased with the website and it’s performance! I’ve been tracking several things in Google Analytics, comparing to the previous time period and to the same dates/weeks of 2019, 2018, and 2017. I’m not even wasting my time looking at 2020. In all regards, it is out performing. I know this year is also a strange year but you compare with the data you have available. I really like how you have look at bnbfinder and GMB to make some comparisons–that really makes sense to me and wasn’t something I had thought of doing.

Another measure, although not as scientific, we’ve really noticed is the number of guests or potential guests mentioning how wonderful the website is, unprompted. We could be noticing it more now just because it is our new sparkling thing but we’ve tried to be conscious of that bias as well.

I really appreciate you taking the time to send me all this information. Again, I couldn’t be happier with the results and with an aggressive yield management strategy in place, I’m very happy with the revenue we’re generating with the new website from White Stone. Thank you for taking the time as a friend to go over all this with me!

The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast
Portland, Maine

champagne and flowers on a bed at Landmark Inn Cooperstown
Luxury Boutique Hotel

Landmark Inn Cooperstown

“By now you may have heard that the Landmark Inn has been sold and ownership will transfer next week.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the White Stone team (and you, Scott and Chris specifically) for helping to make our dream of successfully running a B&B come true. With your help we rose from #29 in Cooperstown to #1 for 7 years running. With your help we were twice recognized as a Top 25 hospitality establishment nationally. With your help we tripled revenue in four years. And with your help we not only survived the pandemic but did so with enough strength to capture the enthusiasm of our buyers and their bankers as well.

As you can imagine, this is bitter sweet. We are handing off our baby. But we are handing it off to wonderful people who will grow it in new directions, I’m sure. John and Keith have heard me regale White Stone, and have been introduced to our partnership. They are digesting reams of information right now and will make an initial White Stone decision soon.

When we make it out to CO we will look you up. In the meantime know we love you, and thank you.”

Fred and Robin
Landmark Inn Cooperstown
Cooperstown, New York

Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Near Gulf Shores Alabama

Magnolia Springs

“I can’t tell you how much I love you and your entire team and all the fantastic work you do. I do not understand why other owners don’t just let you run with it because you can do so much better left on your own without my input. If we keep this up we will pass last years sales… It is nothing short of a miracle and it’s all because of your team’s expertise! I am so grateful to have you have my back at any and every turn. You will have to kick me out kicking and screaming to EVER get rid of Magnolia Springs B&B!”

Magnolia Springs
Gulf Coast, Alabama

Outdoor seating area at Idlwilde Inn
Grand Finger Lakes Victorian B&B

Idlwilde Inn

“It’s been on my mind for some time to follow up with you and tell you how great things have been since I almost made the stupidest mistake of my young business life. I love Evelyn, have developed a great report with her, and the entire team has been nothing short of great. Thanks for handling the situation, and me, so well. The thing that finally prompted me to write is the fact that I only now got around to watching The Recipe for Revenue (another mistake on my part for not watching it immediately).’Twas beyond excellent. Thanks for sharing those great thoughts. I’m altering prices in-between paragraphs…”

Idlwilde Inn
Watkins Glen, New York

luxury room at Robyn's Inn
An Elegant Michigan Inn

Robyn’s Inn

“It has been a true pleasure working with White Stone Marketing. As a new property, the stress is high as we complete our renovations, furnish our property, and try to establish ourselves in this industry. The website for our property was one thing we did not need to stress about knowing we were in capable hands with White Stone. Every single person we interacted with throughout the design process was professional, prompt, and just enjoyable. The team was able to capture the aesthetic of our property perfectly and showcase throughout the website. It has been a great experience thus far and we look forward to working together in the future.”

Robyn’s Inn
Plymouth, Michigan

the pool at Cedar Crest Lodge in Pleasanton, Kansas
A Beautiful Kansas Country Inn

Cedar Crest Lodge

“We love everything you guys do and so appreciate you, Scott (sometimes Chris) and the rest of your team. We would not be where we are today without your hard work, expertise and DEDICATION to your clients!!”

Matt and Laura
Cedar Crest Lodge
Pleasanton, Kansas

Wedding at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch
Texas Guest Ranch & Wedding Venue

BlissWood Bed & Breakfast Ranch

“I’m sending up a “smoke signal”! Ya’ll are doing something wonderful to make sure I work 7 days a week again! I had a potential guest tell me that I did a great job of marketing my place as a great social distancing destination, and I said, “It’s my marketing company!” She said, “Well, you can take some credit for that.” And I said, “OK, I take credit for choosing the right marketing company!”

BlissWood Bed & Breakfast Ranch and BlissWood Weddings
Cat Spring, Texas

Tulips and sketch of Duluth bed and breakfast
Gracious 5-Room Bed & Breakfast Inn

A.G. Thomson House

“Thank you again for spending the time with me today, and giving of your time for all of us. I stand by what I said; the way you have supported all of us is a true testament to who you are as people and that you truly, truly understand the life and work of Innkeepers. I think it was Maya Angelou who said “if someone shows you who they are, believe them” or something along those lines. You, Scott and your team have and we are extremely grateful for the incredible support you have given all of us while also dealing with the impact upon your business. The White Stone Team was a lifeline to us during our very darkest time!”

A.G. Thomson House
Duluth, Minnesota

chairs on wooden deck looking at snowy landscape at Wild Horse Inn
A Winter Park Bed and Breakfast Lodge

Wild Horse Inn

“We’ve already seen an impact on our visibility and bookings since our new site launched about one month ago.  The design team was flawless.  And I am completely blown away by the level of knowledge and support White Stone has offered us.  We could never – in a thousand years! – do this on our own.  White Stone’s guidance has been invaluable and we should have hired them LONG AGO.   I can stop worrying about what marketing we aren’t doing and focus on our guests!”

Wild Horse Inn
Fraser, Colorado

Palmer House Inn exterior on Cape Cod
Victorian Inn on the Quiet Side of The Cape

Palmer House Inn

“We owe our extended family at White Stone a big oversized THANK YOU! We’ve just done the tally for July, and were astonished to find that we had 368 sold nights, the exact same number of sold nights we had last year (and last year’s July was our strongest performing month since we bought the inn in 2018). Given the extensive disruption wrought by the coronavirus and the fact that we started July with a near 60% booking deficit vis-a-vis, we are beyond elated. Other inn owners in Falmouth are struggling, have cut back on services or have shut their doors for the balance of the year, and we’ve been bursting at the seams.”

Palmer House Inn
Falmouth, Massachusetts

Horses at the Mast Farm Inn
Historic Farm Inn and Wedding Venue

Mast Farm Inn

“Everything as you probably know is going better than we could have hoped for. For a winter season, we never slowed down which is crazy!!! I had some guests stay at the inn this week that also have a bed and breakfast. Seems last year they had ***** redo their website, which clearly needs your touch, and they also help them with marketing. The company does nothing really, the poor man is trying to figure out Google Ad Words and boy, he’s just like me, it’s not our cup of tea. Told them marketing with you is a no-brainer, and suggested a new website. I am such a happy customer, I would have never been able to pull everything off last year without Katy, Sam & Evelyn!”

“Muchas Muchas Muchas. I find your insights on the future of this sector pretty spot on. I hope we all make it out of this in one piece. You guys are irreplaceable. Let’s not be dominos. 😊”

Danielle & Henri
Mast Farm Inn
Valle CrucisNorth Carolina

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