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The Mast Farm Inn contacted White Stone Marketing because they needed some help. They have a stunning property in North Carolina with a lot to offer their guests, yet their website and marketing did not adequately reflect their product. The results were dwindling reservations, lack of exposure and lackluster conversions. They knew they were leaving money on the table with their current online presence and outdated website design. Fast forward to 7 months post website launch, coupled with a new marketing plan, and they have enjoyed more reservations, an increase in occupancy and their wedding inquires have soared.


The Mast Farm Inn kicked up their online presence with the launch of a strategic b&b marketing campaign coupled with a new website design. Their new responsive website showcases the true beauty of the property and coupled with an aggressive marketing plan has helped them effectively reach their target market and convert them at a higher rate. Their partnership with White Stone Marketing has helped this well established property take things to an entirely new level.

“I am not sure how to put into words how you guys, the website and marketing has helped. I have been wanting to make all of these changes for almost 6 years and you guys truly helped me accomplish all that I had hoped for. We are more profitable than ever and this is just the first 6 months. I am terrified of how busy you guys are going to make us next year but am so looking forward to the rush!

As for advice for other innkeepers, just to trust you whole heartedly. I feel your team truly cares, we aren’t an account number, we are a person to you guys and that is what all innkeepers are about. Personalized services.” – The Mast Farm Inn

In only 7 months after their new website design plus one of our more aggressive marketing plans:

Reservations Increased 18.10%
Occupancy Increased 14.38%

Mast Farm Graph - Reservations Up 18% Occupancy Up 14%

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