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Signature Design - The Mast Farm Inn

The Problem

The Mast Farm Inn is a family tradition! Henri Deschamps owned the property for many years and handled all the marketing, design, website maintenance and overall stewardship of the entire digital portfolio. He contacted us one day and said that the only company he felt could handle the project was White Stone Marketing as he was passing the baton to his daughter, Danielle Deschamps, who was taking over the day to day operations of the inn. As she didn’t want to tackle the insurmountable task of organizing and pulling together the myriad pieces of their digital presence, our team took on the challenge. In fact, on the day Henri passed the torch, he also stated, “May the force be with you.” Indeed, we needed the force! We were handed thousands of photos to organize, wade through, and determine which best highlighted the unique aspects of their North Carolina bed and breakfast.

The Solution

The solution is a thing of beauty! However, to achieve this final product, we started with our on-site visit. Without our 3-day, in-person visit by our top expert, Chris Kelly, the job of building this site and reconstructing their digital assets would not have materialized. Sometimes, the hands-on approach is the only approach when dealing with the unique, independent properties White Stone Marketing swoops in to help and restore. Under the careful guidance of Danielle Deschamps, our team was able to put together a site that truly delighted her and brought together all the pieces of this complex puzzle. In simplicity is often beauty. Danielle chose our newest signature design, The Tahoe Template, to execute her vision. Her desire was for a site to reflect all the details of the beauty they put into the inn and the details of the effort they put into every stay. Each page of this design reflects those details and the subtle nuances that add up to a truly well-designed lodging web site design.

Design: Signature

Template Used: Tahoe

Modules purchased:

  • Weddings module
  • Restaurant module
  • Mailchimp template

“I absolutely adore it!!!! I can’t stop staring at it!!!! I absolutely love it! It turned out better than I could have ever hoped for!!!! Beyond loving it, everything is just beautiful simple, and clean!  I love the font, the colors, the texture, the little flower in the menu tab as well as in the menu itself! Nothing was lost on me. Thank you so much for all that you did, I am so happy I took the time to get great photographs. Everyone who knows me will say that with me, it’s always the littlest thing and the tiniest of details that get me so excited! You see it in everything we do at the inn.”

Danielle Deschamps, The Mast Farm Inn

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