Scott Crupton - CEO of White Stone Marketing

Scott Crumpton
25 years Hospitality Design and Marketing Experience

Scott attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and majored in Agricultural Business and Marketing. However, his passion for marketing was kindled long before when in high school, his teacher decided he was going to do an impromptu marketing speech if he hoped to pass the class. He rose to the occasion and aced the class and the test! To this day, his love for teaching, public speaking and marketing has served this great industry and has helped thousands of innkeepers over the last two decades turn their inns into more profitable ventures. Scott has initiated many firsts in this industry – he founded the first internet marketing agency solely dedicated to bed and breakfast inns; he created the original ecommerce tracking code so that innkeepers could track a reservation dollar back to its original source, and his vision for excellence has produced some of the best design work in our niche industry.

Scott first began working in the independent lodging industry in 1994 when he and his wife, Allison, took over the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Directory – a cooperative marketing project that produced a printed guidebook featuring 300 bed and breakfasts inns throughout the state of Oregon. Only months after assuming ownership of the publication, the world wide web hit and Scott realized that his printed guidebook could become an online directory. Without delay, he launched one of the first online bed and breakfast guides in the summer of 1995. The directory morphed into including surrounding states and became known as the Border to Border Bed and Breakfast Directory. Shortly thereafter, Scott took the directory nationwide and created BBExplorer, canvassing the entire nation.

To coincide with their dedication to the development of the lodging directory, Scott and Allison launched an internet marketing agency which met the emerging digital marketing needs of individual innkeepers who advertised in the directory. Thus, Scott began hand coding simple websites using html in the early days of 1995 and created some of the very first bed and breakfast inn websites, which miraculously enough, can still be found on the web.

Today, Scott has spoken to thousands of innkeepers all over the nation at various national conferences. His expertise is freely shared to this industry he has grown to love. In 2014, he launched HMS – Hospitality Marketing Services, along with Acorn Internet Services to provide on-going education and development to innkeepers worldwide.

Allison Crumpton - founder of White Stone Marketing and expert in hotel marketing

Allison Crumpton
Founder, Digital Marketing Director
25 years Hospitality Design and Marketing Experience

Allison graduated Valedictorian from California State University at Bakersfield in 1990 with a degree in English and Communications. After marrying Scott in 1992, Allison began teaching English and Writing at the local community college in Southern Oregon and loved this career path she was following. However, one day in 1994, Scott brought home a small, printed guidebook called The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Directory. She saw this new project as an opportunity to become a publisher and distributor – two goals she had envisioned for herself since starting college in the late 80’s. Thus, Scott and Allison bought the directory in December of 1994 which had close to 300 inns as advertisers in the publication. Only 6 months later, the web hit and the rest is history. Scott and Allison saw the opportunity to take their small, printed guidebook and create an online directory. Shortly thereafter, they launched the first digital marketing agency for bed and breakfast inns.

To this day, the vision for White Stone Marketing remains the same – to take care of their high end client base of innkeepers who desire to outsource all their internet marketing and custom website design needs. Allison’s penchant for excellence and superior customer service coupled with her strategy of partnering with each client has created a robust portfolio of some of the most successful inns in the nation. She has now stepped into the role of General Manager and oversees the expert staff at White Stone Marketing while always endeavoring to keep each and every White Stone client profitable.