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Nathan Crumpton

Writing from his home base in Denver, Colorado, Nathan creates content that supports our clients in fully realizing the potential of their property. From SEO to Blogs, he has honed his love of the written word into a craft that highlights the strengths of the properties we market for. Representing the company with quality writing and helping keep our clients on the coveted first page of Google are some of the many ways he contributes his skills to the White Stone team.

It’s easy to just be a design and marketing agency – there are tons of them out there with websites which all look strangely similar. Create a website, do some SEO and Paid Search Marketing, and put in the necessary work for your clients. The clients who rely on your marketing will probably see results play out in their analytics and revenue if you are good at what you do, but it will probably be missing that je ne sais quoi  (the special something that separates you from your competition). After all, why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Here at White Stone Marketing, we believe in embodying the extraordinary and going the extra mile for our clients. We want our clients to be confident their investment is in safe hands with the White Stone Marketing team.

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Other marketing companies may employ an experienced staff but ours are experts in the niche field of boutique lodging properties. We know how to position any luxury property to flourish and reach its true potential. We strive to keep lines of communication open so questions can be answered and problems resolved in a timely manner. Our clients know true experts manage their accounts. We believe those willing to entrust us with their hard-earned money deserve the absolute best in quality care and services. Why be mediocre when you should always go above and beyond for your clients? This is White Stone Marketing’s ethos; a commitment to excellence that permeates everything we do. 

cofounders allison and scott

Our clients can breathe a sigh of relief with the steady hands of Scott and Allison Crumpton at the helm. Having founded White Stone Marketing 27 years ago, they positioned themselves as industry leaders in this niche field of hospitality. Subsequently, they have witnessed the rise and fall of almost all other marketing companies in this industry. As a result, our clients know we are here for the long haul.

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Even through the uncertainty of last year, both Scott and Allison have been able to use their knowledge garnered over the decades to reassure client’s concerns during the pandemic and course correct towards success, As a result, our clients have experienced banner years despite the challenges.

Email Marketing and White Stone Designs

We are a team of industry experts in a wide variety of fields and specialties. The pride we have in our work is reflected in the continued success of those willing to put their trust in us. We truly believe that we are much, much more than just a marketing company, and we look forward to serving the needs of our clients for many years to come.

Lastly, as an illustration – we received the following testimonial from a long-time client – “My gifts are the things you and your team bring to the table everyday! All I am trying to do is give back. I am very happy when I can do so! It is my pure pleasure to help the ones who have done more for me personally and professionally than anyone ever has…ever! Those people are you and your team and I love you guys so much!” – David Worthington, Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast