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Kim Spangle

Kim Spangle is the Lead Designer for White Stone Marketing. She graduated with a B.S. in Applied Art & Design from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, California. She loves living near the ocean and wine country, and indulges in both when she can.

Then Maybe a Custom Web Site is Your Best Option.

Let’s face it, your website is the first interaction that most guests have with your inn. It is an extension of your property, your personality, and your overall brand. You have put in so much time and effort to make your inn feel like it’s different and special. Heck, you have even done that with the individual rooms inside your inn! So why not have your website be a true individual too?


A White Stone Signature Design website may certainly fit many of your needs in terms of turnaround time, budget and search engine functionality – but it may not be able to fully showcase why you are special. In order to truly stand apart from your competition, a White Stone custom website may be a better option for you. The layperson may not be able to verbalize the differences between the two, but they DO notice them… they just may not realize that they do! Sounds weird, right? But it’s not. It’s just how our subconscious works.

The subconscious has a huge impact on how people make decisions. It helps them decide whether they like something, if they trust it, and if they feel it will meet their needs. A custom website may just make the difference for viewers to think, “Wow, they really have gone the extra mile on their website, I’m sure that my experience there will be just as special.” vs. “They took the quick and easy way out, I wonder how much attention to detail they will have for me as a guest?”

Here are some examples of a few nuances that may turn a “looker” into a “booker”!

Inn of the Turquoise Bear

Brass Lantern Inn

Cedar Crest Lodge