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Palmer House Inn is located in an area on Cape Cod which is less popular and not as well searched as others. The current owners, Tom von Zabern and Billy Brown, bought an existing inn with mediocre numbers, and in need of extensive renovations. They realized that just investing in the physical renovations was not enough, and decided to invest in their marketing as well. They put everything on the line to create something great, and make sure that everyone was able to find them – even though they are in a lesser known area of a very popular vacation destination.


Since the new White Stone Signature bed and breakfast website went live, they have seen incredible growth and continue to be happy with all of our marketing services. In the first 6 months, their revenue was up by $156k compared to the previous year.

“We just booked our 206th night for 2020. Last year it was 61 nights for 2019 as of this date. Income is up as well for the upcoming year by 54%! This wouldn’t have happened without you guys. A big THANK YOU to you and the team.” – Palmer House Inn

After 6 months on our Campaign Marketing Plan:
Revenue increased by 69%
Occupancy increased by 32%

With all of this success, the client has continued with our Campaign Marketing Plan, where we launch custom email blasts, craft unique blogs and follow it all up with impactful social media posts.

Watch this short video of inn keeper Tom van Zabern sharing his hard numbers that show how his revenues have grown since coming on board with White Stone Marketing.

Palmer House Inn Revenue and Occupancy Increases