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Jani Elmore

Jani has been growing her marketing career working exclusively in the luxury travel and wedding industries since 2012. She enjoys crafting content that informs, persuades, entertains and connects.

October 2019 Update:

We’re thrilled to announce that our client, BlissWood Bed and Breakfast, has been featured in The New York Times for their Solo Traveler Package which advocates for pet adoption! In partnership with a local Border collie rescue organization, BlissWood’s original and civic-minded package unites guests traveling alone with a dog companion in an effort to inspire adopting a pet. It really is a powerful example of how our staff here at White Stone Marketing continue to encourage clients to push the envelope and deliver creative and meaningful guest experiences that may one day be recognized by none other than the New York Times! Keep scrolling for more unique ways to cater to your pet-loving guests…


Dear Humans,

It’s time to ditch the kennel! There’s nothing like a pet-friendly vacation to really get my tail wagging. Add in a pawfect package to make things a little easier on mom and dad and you’ve earned yourself a paw-approved getaway! Tilting your head to the side, already? That’s okay. I do that sometimes too when I’m trying to understand you.

Keep scrolling and I’ll help fetch ideas and dig up the perfect pet-furrriendly package for your furry guests…

Pet friendly Hotel - Dog with a Bone

The Bare Bones Package

Bones? Where! Oh, sorry. I got distracted. So unlike my human, I don’t need much. Food, water, shelter…you know, the basics. If you’re not quite sure what that looks like in a vacation package, you’re in luck! Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of “Dog Days of Summer” vacations.

  • A cozy pet bed so we can feel right at home
  • Food and water bowls
  • Tasty homemade treats!

And while we don’t entirely understand your obsession with sanitation and cleanliness… I guess we’ll have to respect it.

  • Bags for our poop
  • Towels for our dirty paws
  • Loaner leashes (because dad is forgetful!)
  • Those dreaded crates for when you need to leave us unattended…
Pet Friendly marketing - Dog with a ball upside down

Pawesome Package Ideas

Get a round of woofs and rave reviews on pet-friendly travel sites like BringFido.com when you think outside the crate. While we may be simple creatures and only really need your love to be happy, we do enjoy it when you spoil us rotten and treat us like true fur babies!

  • A pet toy box with frisbees, bouncy balls, chewy toys and all kinds of pawesomeness for playtime
  • Yappy hour meet and greet with other pets and some off-leash time
  • Dedicated pet menus with a take-home recipe or cooking classes for mom
  • A pet turndown service for all the posh pooches
  • A pet-friendly vacation itinerary so we know all the fun and furry hangout spots

Don’t just think about what us dogs love, think about what our humans love too. They love to SAVE!

  • Let us stay free and waive the pet fee when we book a certain number of nights
  • A gift card to use toward local pet-friendly restaurants and activities or handy services like pet sitters and groomers
Adopt a pet package ideas - How to market pet friendly

While our humans may love to save, they also love to GIVE BACK! Mom and dad are very generous and it makes them feel good when they do good.

  • Donate the pet fee to a local animal shelter to help out our less fortunate fur friends
  • Get-A-Pet! Partner with a local shelter for guests to “borrow-for-the-day”, stay and/or adopt.
  • Donate the pet fee to our wounded warriors and their service animals on Veterans Day
  • Have the proceeds from a dedicated pet menu go towards a local shelter and rescue group
  • Host weddings? The atmosphere is so loving at weddings, so why not organize a Wed-A-Pet event where wedding guests can adopt and love a pet too
married huskies - pet friendly hotel and lodging marketing ideas

My Humans Are Getting Hitched

Speaking of love… I remember when mom introduced me to dad! He smelled a little funny, but he let me run amuck when mom was out of town so he was alright with me. While I did love mom first, I’m so excited to be the dog of honor!

  • A grooming session/pet pamper so we can look and feel our best on their special day
  • A gift certificate to use towards a Canine Concierge to be our chauffeur while mommy and daddy are busy with wedding guests
  • Work with a local wedding photographer to offer a discount on a “First Look with Your Fur Baby” photo session
  • A monogrammed keepsake “wedding gift” like a doggie bowtie, headband, neckpiece or even a handsome tux
  • A mini wedding cake that’s just ours to devour. Woof!
  • A lint roller for the soon-to-be? We do shed a lot
Kitty looking up at owner at the beach - becoming a pet friendly hotel

Well, we hope you’ve found this post pawsitively delightful! Mark your territory in the pet-friendly vacation space with a pet friendly hotel marketing plan that’s just pawfect. Contact us today for a quote!