Vikram Singh - Hotel Revenue Management Expert

If you’re looking to maximize your revenue in the coming year, professional bed and breakfast, inn and hotel revenue management is essential. Every hotel in your market uses revenue management, because it works! You deserve to have the same proven methods behind your revenue strategies. With the increased competition of Airbnb flooding every market, if you don’t set your rates accurately, you won’t be in business! Trust the experts at White Stone Marketing to create a comprehensive revenue management plan to help you compete and THRIVE!

Revenue management/yield management means selling the right room to the right guest at the right time for the right price. That means that we make sure you are setting the right room rates every day of the year for every room you’re selling. While anyone can guess at the best rates for a given room on a specific night, only an experienced revenue manager can provide you with the a strategy that ensures you are getting the most revenue possible for your specific property and market, at a specific point in time. Our world-class revenue management team will also provide you with a methodology for adjusting your rates as occupancy changes, so you can make the most of every single night. You’ve done everything right in internet marketing. Now it’s time to bring in the revenue management experts.

The Professional Revenue Management Program Includes:

  • In-depth analysis of historical booking engine data
  • Analysis and forecasting of industry benchmarks, similar properties, competitors, and local market
  • One full year of base rates for every room for every day
  • Training and consultation meeting
  • 1-month follow-up consultation
  • Optional rate table updates on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Contact us for pricing and scheduling

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