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River Spring Lodge

The Challenge:

Dave and Carolyn Hamer worked for many years in the service industry as chefs and innkeepers for other properties. However, their dream opportunity presented itself this year and the Hamer’s took the courageous leap into the world of entrepreneurship by purchasing a former Vegan Health spa in Western New York. Their investment and pursuit of the American dream is an ambitious one as they seek to position this great property as a destination in and of itself. Situated between Buffalo and Rochester, Darien Center has little to offer. However, the Hamers seek to change all of that with their knowledge of cuisine and hospitality know-how. As such, they sought out the team at White Stone Marketing to help them realize their vision, branding and marketing initiatives. To launch a boutique hotel from nothing is challenging under the best of circumstances but to begin a brand new business in an area with little draw takes a whole new level of courage. However, courage is something the Hamer’s have in spades! They wanted nothing but the best and so hired the White Stone team to build their beautiful new site and to start an aggressive marketing program for their retreat center in upstate New York.

The Answer:

The Hamers just opened their doors for business this past weekend and their opening day has been a success! Dave Hamer sent us the following quote from his first weekend: “The people that came to the lodge to stay and dine or just to dine raved about everything and were a pleasure to serve. They were taking pictures of the food and posting them to Facebook. On Saturday all of the folks wanted a group picture with Carolyn and the chef. When I came into the dining room, I got a standing ovation and toasts. So those that came to stay and dine and those that came just to dine loved it. These are the guests we want to attract. We asked for reviews and were promised they would be forthcoming!” All of our team would also gladly give this remarkable couple a standing ovation for the endeavor they are undertaking and the dream they are chasing. Our team will be with them every step of the way!

Design: Custom

In the first seven weeks since the site launched the following increases occurred:

Transactions up 40.74%
Total Sessions up 28.4%
Google Organic Traffic up 36.14%

“The site is much more than I was hoping for. You and your team clothed my vision in very beautiful garments that really convey the beauty of our inn and the excellence we are striving to deliver to our guests. I cannot thank you enough!”

Dave and Carolyn Hamer, River Spring Lodge

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