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Signature Design - Riverwind Inn

The Problem

Mike and Stacie DiNello contacted White Stone Marketing after they had purchased The Riverwind Inn and were struggling with a subpar website. They knew of our reputation and expertise in taking an underperforming inn and turning a business around in short order. As the Award Winners of Yankee Magazines Best Connecticut B&B, they needed a design and marketing program up to the task of both expanding and holding on to the remarkable hospitality business they are building. They put their trust in the White Stone team, and we delivered…

The Solution

The site officially launched on July 2, 2019 and as of today, July 16, 2019, they are up over 100% in traffic, and transactions are up as well! White Stone websites can easily pay for themselves in a week to two week’s time. I always tell innkeepers that a website is an investment, not an expense as it increases the value of your property year over year (provided you have chosen a quality company to build your site). As such, the DiNello’s are quickly realizing how vital it is to spend money to make money. Take a look around the new site, our repurposing of their logo design and the overall aesthetic. You’ll easily see why traffic and conversions have skyrocketed in only a couple of weeks.

Design: Signature

Template Used: Park City

Modules purchased:

  • Mailchimp template

“Thanks for all the work – we’re very happy with the site! Fabulous – thank you all! ”

Mike & Stacie, Riverwind Inn

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