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The Challenge

We had a couple hurdles to climb with this new site. First and foremost, we had built their previous site which had served them WELL for nearly a decade! Try to top that! And, we had to convince the matriarch of the Smith Family that a new site with the increased price tag was well worth the cost! Both of these challenges proved formidable. In fact, I’m quite sure it took years for us to fully convince the Smith Family to take the plunge and embark on the new site. While a well-designed website can last for a number of years, the pace at which technology accelerates will often outpace the viability of the design. They needed a responsive site, a secure site, and a fully functional, easy to manipulate WordPress site. Of course our team was up to the challenge but this site needed to be custom and it needed to exceed the expectations of the success of the previous website.

The Answer

I think you will agree that we hit this one out of the park! The fit and finish of the entire site is impeccable down to the very last detail. Take a few moments to peruse the site and you’ll discover the quality behind hundreds of hours worth of design and programming work that went into bringing this design to life. Of course, none of that matters unless the site produces the anticipated ROI. We are happy to report that the first week of launch, the phone rang off the hook and the website inquires were off the chart! It’s not enough to simply get a new design, you have to put enormous thought and effort into the content, the design, the photography and the overall messaging the property needs to convey. In fact, one of our largest hurdles was moving this property from a typical Bed and Breakfast to a sophisticated Boutique Hotel in the eyes of Google. If you think that is an easy task, you’d be wrong. We carefully monitor the SEO and viability of our campaign each and every day to ensure this Saratoga Springs, NY Hotel is winning not only online but in the eyes of each and every guest.

Design: Custom

In the first month since the site launched the following changes occurred compared to the prior year.

Average Order Value up 9.46%
Ecommerce Conversions up 12.84%
Per Session Value up 23.51%
Bounce Rate down 9.89%

“THANK YOU! It really looks fabulous and my mom loves the site!”

Amy Smith, Saratoga Arms Hotel

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