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Signature Design - The Smith Steiner

The Problem

I am often asked if a property of less than 5 rooms should secure a firm such as White Stone Marketing for their design and marketing program in light of the ROI potential. In my discussions with Jennifer Steiner, owner of a luxurious boutique hotel in Carlise, PA, The Smith Steiner, I discovered that price was not the determining factor. Jennifer wanted the type of quality and beauty brought to her design that she put into all the furnishings and amenities of her property. The look and feel had to be upscale, inviting, attractive and lure the higher end traveler. In order to have the comfort and beauty of her inn brought to life, she didn’t want to trust the design to amateurs or to a company without the proven track record of White Stone Marketing.

The Solution

As such, we put together a customized proposal catered to the needs of a smaller, upscale property and launched the exquisite Smith Steiner site. Jennifer and her team were wonderful to work with. We were able to put together the site quickly and efficiently for her. Revenue has skyrocketed for the inn in the short time the site has been up allowing Jennifer and team to practice the fine art of hospitality without worrying about the marketing. White Stone Marketing has them covered!

Design: Signature

Template Used: Loveland

Modules purchased:

  • Mailchimp template

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