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Allison Crumpton

Allison’s penchant for excellence and superior customer service coupled with her strategy of partnering with each client has created a robust portfolio of some of the most successful inns in the nation. As Co-Owner of White Stone Marketing, Allison endeavors to ensure each and every White Stone client is successful!

Ray and Kristie Rosset, the former owners of Lookout Point Lakeside Inn, have left an indelible impression on our hearts and lives. I’ll never forget that day we arrived in Charleston for our annual PAII Board Meeting. I was serving on the Advisory Council at the time and Kristie was our fearless Board Leader. To my dismay, I realized I had forgotten my running shoes and wouldn’t be able to hike the endless trails surrounding our lovely hotel in low country. When Kristie heard of my dilemma, she reached down, unlaced her tennis shoes and handed them to me! She then proceeded to walk across the dirty trail leading back to her room in her socks! Yes…that was Kristie. She literally gave you the shoes off her own feet if she knew you had a need. In the same way, she has graced us with a parting testimonial borne out of the generosity of that huge heart of hers. Thank you Ray and Kristie. We will never forget you.

Hot Springs Arkansas - Lookout Point Lake at dusk

“I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to you and your team for all of your assistance over the past few years. As you know, we had been hesitant for quite some time to sign up with White Stone Marketing due to the cost. Honestly, I can state that doing so about 5 years ago was one of the very best decisions that we made in our innkeeping career.

You helped us to create a constant message and look to the traveling public. You brought organization and professionalism across our platforms. You saved us money by helping us to make decisions to discontinue ineffective marketing, and to add/try appropriate new avenues. You made sure that all sites were up to date with great photos. And on and on.

Then you turned us over to Chris Kelly, who we have come to love! He has the rare combination of super techie brains with a big heart. He is able to work with both Ray and I with our very different skill sets, teaching patiently all the way. Often, it felt like we had our own personal marketing specialist on staff, between Chris and the other team members.

This transition of ownership is a bit less stressful because we know that White Stone has our backs with so many of the marketing venues! That’s a huge headache, and to know that Chris is taking care of so many steps is a huge relief.

Lindy Norris was a patient, focused and organized guide for designing our new website. I am so happy with the template that she helped to create! She was just a dream to work with, and made the process of creating this lovely new website absolutely painless.

Finally, Katy Herrera is fabulous, too! She’s been on a couple of our marketing calls, but mostly I interact with her frequently for blog work. She even comes across cheerful and kind in her e-mails, and with the new word press picture changes for the blogs Katy has been encouraging to me even as I continued to make mistakes.

You have such a great team, Allison, and that directly reflects your leadership. Thank you! If I might ever be of assistance to you, especially for references, I will gladly share my perspective.

I wish you the greatest success and joy in life.

Kristie Rosset