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Taylor Trubia

Taylor is the Content Team Manager at White Stone Marketing and works with our creative team to craft stellar email blasts, blog posts, and social media ads for our wonderful clients.

“Visual content marketing is more successful than any other form of communication. Marketers who embrace visual content reap the rewards of higher returns – in terms of more fans, followers, readers, leads, clients and, of course, revenue.”

This statement from Becca Fieler, a successful Marketing Manager in Florida, rings true for email blasts and their graphics more than ever!

With the use of smartphones, tablets, social media, email, and other visual media increasingly on the rise, consumers are becoming visual learners more and more. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and the visuals in an email blast are a great opportunity to capture users’ attention and for your brand to make an impression on them.

Research has shown that interesting and eye-catching visuals evoke emotion, promote better memory, and ultimately, cause more action (bookings!) To capitalize on this idea, we have recently begun trying new things and producing more and more creative email blasts that aim to inspire guests to book (or help them remember how happy your email blast made them feel whenever they decide they are ready to book a getaway).

This email blast we launched for Port d’Hiver Bed and Breakfast was a fun and unique one. We thought outside the box and came up with a visually-appealing graphic that is larger than ones we had done previously and strikes a balance between being simple and still having a lot of pizazz!

Port d'Hiver Email Graphic

The colors pop and it is a long graphic, but there is not too much overwhelming text and it is easy and fun to skim. Plus, the “Learn More” button is prominent and inviting. This style gives an especially clean and fresh look on mobile, which is important as more and more users open their email on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

This email blast is a great example of doing something different while still staying true to the inn’s branding. Our graphic designer did a stellar job creating this graphic with a lot of creativity and fonts, colors, and style that stay consistent with Port d’Hiver’s branding.

This gorgeous graphic gives guests a feel for the kind of fun you might find in Melbourne Beach in the springtime. It’s fun, romantic, and inspiring! What was the end result? Nearly half the clicks on this email were on this large graphic and the open rate was significantly higher than the email list’s average (and the industry average). Every email blast doesn’t have to look the same. It’s important to keep email visuals fresh and fun – it will keep your subscribers interested to see what will hit their inbox next.

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