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At White Stone Marketing, we understand what brides & grooms want when choosing a place to get married. But to even be considered by engaged couples, you need to first be found online, and then wow them with your website. To get the results you’re looking for in this niche market, you’ll need expertly placed online ads, a well-crafted online presence – including social media, and your website will need the proper pages with the best performing correlating key words. Effectively marketing your wedding and event venue takes the perfect blend of art and science – which we know all the secrets to!

Wedding at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch
Wedding Venue Websites

Showcase Your Unique Style
to Stand Out from the Crowd

A captivating website is crucial for showcasing your wedding venue and enticing potential couples to take a tour. Just as you invest time and resources into maintaining your venue, your online presence should reflect the same level of care and attention to detail. To ensure long-term success, we advise owners of event venues to create a dedicated website, which they own and don’t lease, to ensure maximum control and flexibility. White Stone Marketing specializes in creating professional websites with all the modern must-haves that convey the unique style of your venue.

Wedding Venue Web Design Examples

We can help independent wedding venues or groups with several properties. View our hospitality web design portfolio for more inspiration.

Crooked Willow website design

Crooked Willow Weddings & Events
Farm wedding and event venue in Alexandria, MN

Historic Ashland website design

Historic Ashland
Historic barn wedding venue in Wrightsville, PA

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A Tip from Our Founder

Why Should You Own Your Website?

“In the past, we’ve witnessed venue owners solely rely on a single platform, and unfortunately, when that platform went under, they were left in a crisis. They lost their website, marketing, and had to urgently alter their online business presence. This situation underscores the significance of not relying on a single platform and the importance of establishing a diversified online presence.”

– Allison Crumpton, White Stone Marketing Owner

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Marketing Services

Don’t Depend on the Directories,
Forge Your Own Path to Success

If you’re a wedding venue or event venue owner, it’s crucial to establish self-sufficiency and not rely on third-party directories such as The Knot or Wedding Wire. While these platforms can provide valuable exposure, exclusively relying on them can limit your control over the client experience and can cut into your profits. Instead, focus on driving direct inquiries through search engine optimization, paid advertising, and strategic social media campaigns. By creating a comprehensive marketing solution with White Stone Marketing, you’ll be able to take control of your venue business and keep more revenue in your pocket and stand out from the crowd.



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Client Spotlight

Bayfront Marin House

The rental of a lodging property for weddings and events can be very lucrative. Not only does this garner venue fees, but it also provides for 100% occupancy. Many of our lodging clients have found added revenue by marketing their property to people who are looking for a unique venue for elopements, micro weddings, vow renewals, or larger celebrations. Our client has boosted their bottom line by allotting space on their website and promoting their magical Florida weddings online with the help of our design and marketing experts.

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The 5 Points of a Successful Marketing Strategy

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