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Darcie Wenner

My background is primarily in graphic communication and website design, and I truly enjoy projects that allow me to use visual design to convey a message that gets results. I joined the White Stone Marketing team as an Internet Marketing Specialist in 2015.

You’re an innkeeper. You’re creative, resourceful and imaginative. So why should you hire White Stone Marketing to implement your email campaign marketing? Consider this case study…

Here are three examples of campaign marketing implemented by the innkeeper:

  • February 2013 – Subject: Saratoga Arms 2013 Racing Season Reminder – Revenue: $4,734.70
  • December 2013 – Subject: Happy Holidays from Saratoga Arms – Revenue: $2,253.22
  • January 2014 – Subject: 2014 Racing Season Reminder – Revenue: $1,691.61
Saratoga Arms Campaign Marketing 2013 & 2014

In comparison, here are three recent examples of professional campaign marketing by White Stone Marketing for this same property:

  • February 2017 – Subject: ? Surprise Your Valentine ? – Revenue: $5,550.00
  • March 2017 – Subject: ? Don’t Miss the Inaugural Equestricon 2017! ? – Revenue: $6,009.00
  • April 2017 – Subject: Pick Your Path…? – Revenue: $6,322.00
Saratoga Arms Campaign Marketing 2017

One look at the numbers shows how our team can transform your photos and details into compelling graphics, copy and calls to action that get results.

If you’re not already taking advantage of this program, contact your Client Rep today to find out more about White Stone Marketing’s professional campaign marketing program.