White Stone Marketing, starting with founders Scott and Allison Crumpton, have helped hundreds of innkeepers realize their dreams. Our expert knowledge and proven strategies maximize properties revenue potential for outstanding results. As a hospitality marketing agency, we are focused on high-end web design and proactive digital marketing for boutique hotels and luxury inns.

Our talented team of professionals bring a variety of experience from backgrounds in the hospitality and marketing industries.

Taylor Trubia
Samantha Tirado
Nathan Crumpton
Cheyenne Hove
Katy Herrera
Maria Jirele
Darcie Osborne
Amanda Martin
Jani Elmore
Katie Paniotov
Susan Galvin
Lindy Norris
Lauren Nicholl
Katie French-White
Alan Ohara
Marcos Arce
Evelyn Brey
Kim Spangle
Kelly Garbarino
Chris Kelly
Vikram Singh


“The last thing I want to drive home is what White Stone Marketing does is so much more than “Market” your clients. It is clear to me that you are also in the business of making us better innkeepers! I totally see that if we are not the best of what we can be no matter the amount of effort or dollars spent in marketing matters. This is what potential clients need to see and understand that this is what your team brings to the table! This is how you take them to the top! The knowledge your team brings is INVALUABLE!” – David Worthington, Magnolia Springs Inn