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The Problem

As one of our clients who has been with us for almost two decades, we have been through several iterations of designs for the unflappable crew at Wilson Ranches Retreat. The family suffered a major loss with the death of their matriarch, Nancy Wilson, last year and had to regroup and reengage to bring new vitality to the business after such a searing and painful loss. Kara Wilson Anglin, daughter of Nancy and Phil Wilson, has taken the reigns and is moving the Ranch forward in its marketing and offerings to all who want to experience the wonders of Eastern Oregon. Her renewed enthusiasm and energy was the driving force for the launch of a new, fresh look for their Butte Creek Valley Family Ranch.

The Solution

Despite the burden of taking over the day to day activities and operations of the ranch, Kara found the time to work with the White Stone team to execute her vision for the next generation of ranch-goers. Programs such as the Little Buckaroos for first time riders as well as Open Range Picnic rides for the more experienced, dot the landscape of the newly revitalized Wilson Ranches Retreat. The design aesthetic of the expansive site with its layout and functionality matches the wide-open beauty of the Butte Valley Range in Fossil, Oregon. Our team was delighted to produce this design for the hard working and ‘salt of the Earth’ Wilson Family and continue to be honored to both earn and keep their business year after year.

Design: Signature

Template Used: Snowbird

Modules purchased:

  • Area guide module
  • Mailchimp template

“Yahoo! Thank you Lindy, Alan and team!”

Kara, Wilson Ranches Retreat

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