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Signature Design - Wolf Cove Inn

The Problem

We are often asked to market websites that have been created by other companies, sometimes companies that don’t have a history in the hospitality industry. Other times, we are asked to market a site that has simply gone well past its expiration date. In both cases, we find ourselves at a disadvantage because an inns’ website is its face to the world. A property’s website is the hub for all traffic and the source of direct bookings. As Roy and Sue knew their website was at the end of its lifespan, they turned to White Stone Marketing to help launch a new vision – a site that would sell the experience of their unique Poland, Maine location. Inspired, we got to work on a collaboration with the innkeepers to create a site that showcases their lakefront Maine bed and breakfast. So much of what Roy and Sue do was simply not expressed in their earlier site and we needed to create a site that would open the traveler’s eyes to the many details, amenities and extra touches these consummate innkeepers do on a daily basis.

The Solution

Our answer is the site you see before you. Take a moment to peruse the level of detail on every page of the site, take in the stunning photography, unique amenities and the many packages and specials they have made available to their guests. I find myself going over the site page by page as if on a treasure hunt for more detailed delights. After all, isn’t that what good art does? It inspires! And, at White Stone Marketing, we seek to inspire, to create, to be a beacon of quality in a world that eschews excellence for the expedient. All too often, lodging sites fall apart after the home page – as if the website designer simply lost steam after creating the initial concept. However, White Stone Marketing Signature designs thread quality throughout as travel inspiration shouldn’t end after a few seconds on the site.

Design: Signature

Template Used: Park City

Modules purchased:

  • Area guide module
  • Weddings module
  • Spa module

“Working with the White Stone Design Team was a breeze. The team was very responsive and professional. They produced a new site that is terrific and it was on time. Highly recommended.”

Roy Forsberg, Wolf Cove Inn

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