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Katie Paniotov

Katie has grown up in and around marketing and the hospitality industry. She has studied business in college while working as a marketing assistant for White Stone Marketing. Her passion and focus is helping clients see their true potential in digital marketing, finding their unique selling points to promote their best assets.

Home-Based Workers are the New Target Market for Inns – Don’t Get Left Out!

Watching trends evolve is a marketer’s job, and as unpredictable as this past year has been, one thing that has been quite clear is the data on the “work from home” economy. With the new norms of the current pandemic, almost all work that is able to be conducted from home is required to be so. Results show that twice the workforce is now working from home compared to last year, and we think a lot of it is going to stay that way! You should be speaking directly to this new-age worker, who is now able to take advantage of more flexibility with their location.

In fact, in addition to the top searches of home improvements and online orders to accommodate new workspaces and shopping routines, users are also researching future getaways or working vacations. Data from industry big-wig Booking.com agrees. It’s no longer about flying in and out for a typical vacation, in fact they’ve found that “over a third of travelers have already considered booking somewhere to stay in order to work from a different destination.” These new at-home workers are purely looking for a change of scenery, while still staying connected to their job.

Speak Directly to the Work Traveler With Email Campaigns, Videos & Landing Pages

Because of the pandemic, not only have we guided our innkeeping clients to utilize a “stay small, stay safe” campaign to assure leisure travelers of a clean and safe place to stay, but we’ve taken it one step further by encouraging longer stays for the working traveler. Through targeted campaigns, we let guests know about all the reasons why they should plan a work-cation at the property, including inn amenities, area activities and most importantly, that the Wi-Fi is good!

Below are some campaigns we have created for our clients, which focus on a flexible getaway for business travelers. The main goal of these campaigns is to emphasize that guests can work AND play by showcasing a sample schedule of what a “flex-cation” day could look like.

This type of marketing campaign speaks directly to potential guests who are looking for a way to keep their work routine, but also add some variety to their day for a better work/life balance. It promotes the idea that guests can enjoy the feel of a relaxing vacation while being able to keep up with their to-do lists at work.

We can even round out the campaign with a video to promote a work and play package on social media.

Use Your Local Insights to Create Engaging Itineraries & Anticipate Guest Needs

A key part in promoting your property as a worthy working vacation or flex-cation destination is creating experiences with the guest in mind. Your package or landing page should speak to activities and attractions that are still open and available, as many things have been suspended or limited due to government regulations. Find out what is still open in your area, then incorporate experiences and unique opportunities to entice guests to stay with you, including a breakdown of nearby restaurants they might enjoy for takeout orders if they are not open for in-house dining. Also, think about the ways your property itself can fill the needs of guests. Highlight what they can do on property, and even possibly invest in new amenities and things to do, or expand your foodservice offerings so people never even have to leave. You’ll also want to speak to the Covid-friendly aspects of your inn, like contactless check-in, private entrances and outside spaces.

A few things to possibly highlight include:

  • Your Great Wifi
  • In-room or Private Workspace
  • Private Gym/ Walking Trails
  • Dining Options, Both From Restaurants & Your Inn
  • Your Social Hours & Amended Safe Service
  • Relaxing Outdoor Environments 
  • Available Spa Amenities & Wellness Opportunities
  • Included Breakfast Delivered to their Door
  • “Covid-safe” Activities Guests Can Do on Breaks

Get Our Help to Harness the Revenue from This New Traveler Type

So why not encourage future guests to approach a vacation from a different angle, so they can work and still have a great time! If you are curious as to how this can work for your property, then our team is ready to assist you, just get in touch with us! We can brainstorm and find the best way to promote a work vacation campaign that is feasible for you, whether that be a video, a landing page, an email blast, or all three! Right now is the best time to tap into the work-from-home economy and ride this wave to success in the coming year.



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