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Allison Crumpton

Allison’s penchant for excellence and superior customer service coupled with her strategy of partnering with each client has created a robust portfolio of some of the most successful inns in the nation. As Co-Owner of White Stone Marketing, Allison endeavors to ensure each and every White Stone client is successful!

Two sets of hands cradling a seedline on dirt with a saying of We are your partner in success

White Stone Marketing is Your Partner in Good Times and Bad

At White Stone Marketing, we have the privilege of taking care of some of the very best humans. And like any good relationship, those special people take care of us in return with their inspiring words and positive energy. They make us do better and be the best marketing agency we can be, when often times we’d just rather throw in the towel. David Worthington of Magnolia Springs Bed & Breakfast is one of those people. In fact, our team has a hashtag for him:


We often ask ourselves how can we #belikeDavid? We can find happiness in the midst of pain, we can express gratitude and appreciation for the smallest of things, and we can encourage those around us to be their very best every day – all of which David does for our team on a regular basis.

Or if you’re like David, you can also get hit by lightning TWICE in the span of a couple months and still find the strength to go on – which is exactly what happened to him. With thousands of dollars in damage to his beautiful inn, he has once again turned to his positive outlook to help him find the resources to rebuild.

We can’t fix it all for him, but we can help! White Stone Marketing partners with their clients – in good times and in bad. We are looking at your bottom line every day, unearthing revenue wherever we see it and coaxing it to grow in an environment that can often be hostile. Lightning isn’t good for business, but White Stone Marketing is!

We have a special plan to help David get back on his feet after this severe damage to his inn. Not only is it compliments of the staff at White Stone Marketing, but our team has vowed to make ‘vodka and lemonade’ out of a very bad situation. We would rather a third strike of ‘White Lightning’ be a good thing!


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In the Spirit of Being Like David, Read On…

Even among all of the hardships, David at Magnolia Springs Bed & Breakfast is quite possibly the most positive person we know – and here are just a few examples of why his positivity is so infectious:

David was positive that professional photos and a new website would be worth it.

“Lindy OMG!!!! This IS Christmas in September, really! This is the biggest thing for the B&B we have ever done in 21 years being open and it’s finally here! I have waited for years to able to afford your work and have the best pictures and your marketing genius and it’s finally here! When you anticipate something this much, when you live eat and breathe your work and know that this is the best thing you could do for yourself, and now it’s finally here! I cannot put into words how happy I am! It’s a new day for the business. It’s the best website I could possibly have dreamed of. It is beautiful, it drives home exactly what I think it should. It is IMPRESSIVE! It looks like what it is…a site designed by PROS! WAY TO GO!!!!”

David was positive that well-crafted emails and specials would help his business.

“I read over the blog post and it only reminds me of how grateful to have your team do it for me because there are so many points that I have never considered or thought about until you read all that goes into a professional email. So thank you for all you do.”

David was positive that unique blogs would promote the area and his inn.

“I was having just a fine day and then I saw this! I have said it over and over and that is, I live here and it still makes me want to come and enjoy this place and the area. All the hard work and effort is appreciated and with this kind of effort great results only can follow!”


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Positivity Should Be a Part of Your Hospitality Marketing Plan

You’re in the business of being hospitable – and positivity is a big part of that! We know you may have begun your innkeeping career with an immense amount of fervor and positivity, and that it may have waned over time. We at White Stone Marketing want you to think positive and be positive as a part of your marketing plan.

We know that it’s easy to be thrown off track and feel discouraged when you see a negative review or when you have empty rooms waiting to be filled. But with the best professionals to guide your marketing and the right tools at your disposal, you can turn your positive thoughts into a positive bottom line.

At White Stone Marketing, we can do our magic to produce beautiful websites and email campaigns, create top-performing online searches, and maximize the return on investment of your marketing dollar. But your positive attitude may just be the thing that bumps you to another level. It will rub off onto the hearts and minds of your vendors, your marketing staff, your employees, and most importantly, your guests! Because remember, good marketing is a marathon and not a sprint – so winning over even the most negative people who stay at your inn is important if you want to increase your guest loyalty and personal referrals.

The Dalai Lama put it best when he said, “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”


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Keep Your Chin and Profits Up in the New Era of Innkeeping

We are facing one of the most difficult times in the history of our industry. We have been assaulted by a major industry disruptor – Airbnb. In fact, what Uber did to the taxi industry is what Airbnb is doing to the hospitality industry. Now, if you own a car, you can be a taxi driver! And in like manner, if you own a home, you can be a bed and breakfast. Thus, faced with a glut of supply, innkeepers have had to market harder, be more strategic, lower rates, etc. and the list goes on. The strong of heart and mind will survive just as they always have, with the experts at White Stone Marketing here to help. But, for today, #belikeDavid.